Signal whistle in survival kits and kits, options, purpose of the whistle.

If you rely on the issue of distress signals on just one thing, for example, only a signal mirror, then you can be cruelly disappointed in trying to catch at least one ray of the Sun in cloudy weather. In the best case, this may somewhat delay the time of your salvation. And at worst lead to your death. Therefore, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of signaling assistance in several ways. For example, combined using a signal mirror and a signal whistle. 

Signal whistle in survival kits and kits, options, purpose of the whistle.

The signal whistle is a very simple and useful device for delivering sound signals. A sharp and uncharacteristic whistle-blowing sound can be used to signal assistance for any terrain and in any weather conditions. It will attract the attention of rescuers at a great distance and will not require significant energy costs from you. And although mountains, dense forest or noisy water will absorb some of the sound made by a signal whistle, it will still be much more effective compared to your own hoarse scream. Which may not be heard, for example, against the background of a running motor boat sailing in the middle of the river, a hundred meters from you.

When choosing a signal whistle, give preference to a flat, plastic, bright color, without a ball and with a hole for the lace. So that the whistle can be worn around the neck or on a key ring. Using a plastic whistle is less likely to freeze to your lips during cold weather. It is lighter than metal. It is not subject to corrosion in case of long storage. It is easier to find because of the bright color..

A signal whistle with an internal ball, in case of loss of this ball stops working normally. And in the cold, due to water or breathing vapors, the ball may freeze to the inside walls of the whistle case. As a result, such a whistle again becomes useless. Fox 40’s three-chamber bezel-less signal whistles, which emit loudness up to 115 dB, small and bright Skyblazer Whistle signal-less whistles, have proven themselves well. And also probably the loudest ballless signal whistles Windstorm Safety Whistle.

Signal whistle in survival kits and kits, options, purpose of the whistle.

In addition, there are many other varieties of signal whistles. Including various additional functions, thermometer, compass, magnifier, etc. Unfortunately, such whistles do not always differ in an acceptable level of quality and do not provide a decent level of sound signal. In each case, you need to look and choose.

Signal whistle in survival kits and kits, options, purpose of the whistle.

Simplified international distress signals.

In addition to special established international distress signals, which you may not know or forget, there are simplified distress alerts. The rescuers of almost all departments are more or less aware of them. For example, the SOS signal is universal in all respects. Or any other light or sound signal repeated three times in a row at short intervals of two to three seconds. It doesn’t matter that it will be three lights, three pillars of smoke, three loud whistles, three shots, three light flashes and so on. If only the signal was triple.

It should be remembered that sound waves are distorted with distance and when transmitted through an uneven surface. Therefore, three whistles made at very short intervals can cause the illusion of sounding as one long sound. A minute pause should be maintained between each group of signals. Three light or noise signals. A moment of pause and again three beeps. The international distress signal received in the mountains looks a bit different. Six whistles, flashes of light or waved hands per minute. Then a minute pause and snooze.

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