Silent hunting: edible mushrooms

It is a great opportunity to make your own diet. Unless, of course, to approach the issue seriously. Fruvolous relationships are not the most common species for mushrooms.

It’s not always a problem. when to pick mushrooms, and where it is correct. And that is what our article will be about.

When to pick mushrooms?

Actually, the main question. Unfortunately, since it depends on the “quiet hunting” zone. It’s a rough idea. when to pick mushrooms. And everything else will have to learn from personal experience.

December January February

Winter is not a good time to pick mushrooms. However, if it turns out to be warm and snowless, then the mushroom pickers have a chance to find oyster mushrooms. It is quite pleasant. Closer to the spring and other fungi can be found.

March April May

The first normal fungi begin to appear. True, it is morels, lines and raincoats … In May, meadow agarics appear, if the weather is favorable for this. It is a dream. Even the oil can already be detected.


The beginning of the appearance of white mushrooms. As well as the growth of chopped berries, aspen, chanterelles, butter, syroezhek and champignons. It makes collect mushrooms there, especially in birch, oak and conifers. And what is the second category?


Milk mushrooms. Yes, July lamellar mushrooms. But since it is the most deliciously confused with something bad.


Peak collection of mushrooms in general. You can find out what you need in the forests and fields. There are tubular and agaric mushrooms, and in large quantities. For the first and second categories. I accidentally stepped on the mushroom. And if they are purposefully searched for and collect mushrooms, it is not necessary to return home.


Peak of autumn mushrooms. Boletus mushrooms, aspen mushrooms, ceps, late russula, autumn mushrooms, bovines, recent chanterelles, morels. It becomes harder to look for. So if you find at least one mushroom room, you must carefully check the area around.


White mushrooms are still active, not numerous champignons, valui, govorushki, autumn mushrooms. There are autumn oyster mushrooms. In general, the number of mushrooms is declining, so that they can be obtained. Most of the mushroom pickers are closes its activities.


You can still find oil. In general, this is not the season for picking mushrooms. If, of course, it is not too cold, then it can be harvested a little longer.

Where to collect mushrooms?

First of all, you need to remember that mushrooms are highly hygroscopic. That is, they pull into themselves that they can capture. There are also metal fluids and gases. Radiation is also well accumulated. Therefore, in no case can collect mushrooms along roads or in industrial regions. Even the champignons of the park.

You will need to use a suitable substrate – wood. Of course, there are many representatives who are also sometimes found. In addition, it is a tree that has already been frozen.

It is necessary that my mushroom mycelium very often comes into symbiosis with the tree root system. This explains how the birds grow in the woods, the brown ones and the white ones. What can you grow there. More specifically, we will also write about this.

As for specific mushroom places … here, we can not help you with anything. What is a rough terrain? The main thing is to remember, and even better. If you’re not sure, then you’ll be happy.

Silent hunting: edible mushrooms

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