Simple ways to protect a ship or a private yacht during a pirate attack, using water cans and bottles of alcohol.

International efforts to combat piracy have led the Somali sea robbers, who had recently acted with impunity in the Horn of Africa, to become noticeably quieter in recent years. However, no one knows in which corner of the oceans these or other pirates may reappear. And where the pirate attacks will resume again.

Simple ways to protect a ship or private yacht in case of a pirate attack, using water cans and bottles of alcohol.

Armed with grenade launchers, assault rifles and hooks, ruthless raiders seize merchant ships and demand multi-million dollar ransoms from ship companies. Cruise ships with private yachts are not immune from such attacks. With the approach of security forces, bandits can execute their victims. But they can, as is also well known, hold them hostage for many years. Awaiting pirate requirements.

Despite the fact that the safety features on board expensive liners and private yachts are usually extremely simple, the success of the attackers is not at all guaranteed. Many ships and yachts of these classes could successfully survive the attacks of pirates, using the very simple means for this. They are shown in the figure below..

Simple ways to protect against pirates attacking a ship or private yacht.

Simple ways to protect a ship or a private yacht during a pirate attack, using water cans and bottles of alcohol.

If your ship or yacht is not equipped with a long-range acoustic device – a sound gun that makes a piercing and very powerful sound at high frequencies, you can resort to simpler methods of counteraction and protection against pirates.

To ensure fire safety, there are usually many hoses on every ship or vessel. In the event of a pirate attack, the ship’s captain and crew should, without any doubt, use them as defense tools. And send powerful jets of water to the attacking pirates. First of all, try to hit the helmsman and the location of the assault hooks and stairs.

If, even after this, the pirates are not left behind, anyway the response will be of great benefit. In the chaos created, it will be more difficult for attackers to make targeted shots. Included at full power, water hoses can also be lowered on the sides of the ship. Curving like snakes, they will stop the attackers from going upstairs..

If small pirate vessels or boats are located at a distance that allows them to be thrown at a heavy object, more or less suitable can be used as “shells”. A great option – bottles of alcohol from stocks available on a ship or yacht.

If you open such a bottle, plug it in a swab and set it on fire, then if it hits the target, it can cause a fire. And when interacting with the gunpowder on board, such a “Molotov cocktail” will lead to a strong explosion.

Based on the book Survival in the Wild and Extreme Situations. 100 key skills in the special services methodology.
Clint Emerson.

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