Situation awareness: Get the phone and look around!

Jeff Gonzales, US Navy SEAL Trainer, on the streets of the city.

It will be a matter of course.

Situational Awareness (Situational Awareness), Minimally Mediated by Cartographic and Model Criteria;

Jeff gonzales

Every day brings you new experiences. In particular, they made me a couple of things. Obviously, in New York, my weapons were different from the usual. As a result, my situational awareness was of particular importance.

Self confidence

I’m not always aware of what surrounds me. The best answer is simple – overconfidence. “Be on my feet” and not be caught off guard. But more about that later.

Travel reality

I’m spending my time. Because of this, I got to the hotel quite late. It was then that he had to get a car at the train station. The path was quite easy, but it passed through unfamiliar terrain.

Some time ago, I’ve written a note on a “state of mind”. This concept was widely used by me. How can you apply your daily life?

Take a message, answer the call …

First, remove this damn phone! In fact, go further and disconnect the call on silent mode. Do not get distracted! You must recognize the signs of a threat. These signs can range from barely noticeable to damn obvious. If you really want to be around you. In this case, something out of the ordinary, and even a possible threat, will not elude you.

Something is wrong here …

There are always patterns for you. If you’re looking for a so-called “tactical pause.” Improve the moment – watch, listen and feel. I understand it sounds a bit strange, but I trust it – it works.

It was after the training, during the training, the ability to “merge with the terrain”. It is time to develop a plan of action.

Unforeseen circumstances and reality

It is not a very attentive course. If you’re thinking about a couple of cardinal decisions, you can’t stay and fight. Both options require someday end. For several years, I carried a “courier style” bag with shoulder (shoulder bag on my side, shoulder strap – ed.). I really thought I really couldn’t really care about it. I had to choose.

In the end, I corrected the travel backpack. I love my new backpack, it’s incredibly nice to wear. Frees my hands, or, more importantly, allows me to carry my improvised weapon. But it is a significant moment.

Situational Awareness

It can be negative. However, if you’re able, you can get your own solid early warning system. Think of patterns (patterns), even in a crowd and hectic urban areas. Developing a plan.

Original article – Situation Awareness: Put the phone away

: Jeff gonzales (Jeff gonzales) – Honored and respected Navy SEAL trainer and operator of military awards. It has been proven that it has been a scandalous effort.

Self defense

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