Situational awareness in the age of terrorist threats

Summer is approaching, including trips somewhere abroad. For our readers, we’re not always thinking about them. But it’s just started to get involved in this.

I hope that I’m on my own? The shooter. I’m glad I’m not so good for me.

Partner – a burden or an advantage?

Football match match or shopping center hazardous situations (for military, police, security, security forces). It’s not a problem. Thereafter, it is not a question of the fruitfulness of the fruit. What do you want?

It is a good bonus for personal survival, especially if you work out. You need to get the transport team;

Know your limits

Get into a dangerous situation alone – At the level of combat reflexes. But it’s a bit like the other factors. Be honest with yourselves. Alas, as practice shows, most likely to die. BEFORE the commencement begins. When it comes to thinking and decision-making.

Avoid potentially dangerous areas.

Until you have fallen into a completely hopeless situation, you don’t have to decide anything especially. Your direct task is take your family out, or even better, from a dangerous area. Do not try to be a heroic Understand.

It is possible to escape from the first attack. It’s clear that there’s been a road to traffic safety. Separately, find out where the road exits are, where traffic jams are most likely to form. In such places a mined car may be parked.

Terrorist threat

I wouldn’t like that prepared for the terrorist threat, but I’d rather assume that no. The plan of action. Spend a quiet strategy. It should be noted. It is a big mistake. You have been a large shopping center, where you became a dangerous place.

If you have children, then either you or your spouse become their primary advocate. Seriously, it is extremely difficult to monitor. Very little children are a separate topic. Once he was in the middle of the world. It is easy for a movie to play. I need you to watch the situation

Your spouse should be able to recognize, and be able to act in a stressful situation. At least clear commands. Type: “Grab the children!”, “Hold me by the belt!”, “Run to the back of the hotel!” And so on. Simple commands work because they are simple.

Plan to stick to it. Explore your place and go away from there. There are not many people yet. If this institution opens at 10 am, then at this time there will be more than 7 pm. Just because the terrorists always choose. I’ve tried to see crowds of people.

In the event of a terrorist attack

Talk to your spouse about a possible terrorist attack and that in such a situation will have to do. It has been a noisy since the first explosions were taken. If you’re trying to explain yourself, you can’t fall into something like a catatonic stupor. It was a well-defined slap in the face.

You must leave the danger zone, or everything will be really bad. If you want to go for a safe day, even if there is a plan. It is no longer important. It is clear that I can understand it perfectly. Or run away. The last option in terms of family survival is still better.

Remember the “shahid mobili”

Mained cars often used in terrorist attacks, especially if it is a large building. For 11 years I have been experiencing, I have something like paranoia about it. That is why I strictly follow a few simple rules.

The first rule is to never park near the main entrance. But there is no chance that she will be right there. And then there are no more explosives. And I suppose you better watch from a distance.

I’m not going to be able to avoid this situation. I often make a detour, just to avoid passing through these dangerous places. Alas, terrorists usually lazy and choose the shortest routes. If you’re watching a car

Terrorists prefer certain cars

Despite the fact that practically any car can be mined, I am especially afraid of certain vehicles. Toyota Camry, a small white pickup truck, one can pick up a small mountain car.

Fortunately, I’m one day where I’m a garbage truck removed from the street. And after that, ground forces also pulled up. There is a danger.

There are killers on motorcycles

A few words about motorcycles. In Baghdad, Kabul and Islamabad, I came across by terrorists, who used motorcycles, guard back in the backpack. Or just to rush in and open fire. So now I don’t trust motorcyclists with backpacks or in long raincoats. You can’t know what your plans are. So I advise you not to shine until the opposite is obvious.

Use weapons and equipment wisely

Do not try to eliminate attackers., even if you are not surrounded or perish in any way. Most likely, it is a humor … but not so much. But still, carry at least two spare stores with you. Just because the AK allows you to make 30 shots, and the gun – a lot less. Cover your family, and not to attack.

It depends on the laws for which you are forced to navigate. It is a flashlight, a knife and a lighter with you. No, really, try to find out. It is a lot of inconvenience.

The harsh reality is …

… that you can happen by chance next to a suicide bomber. You will be able to help you. If you survive, you can be disoriented and stunned for a long time. If possible, go ahead. And only when you can determine, or determine. But there is always a terrorist threat. But if you’re a partner, you cann’t really want to die. Therefore, you must be aware of your spouse.

Wherever you are

I spent more than 11 years working in various countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. And I learned really work everywhere. there is dangerous situations, which should be avoided Hundreds of bangs on the United States of America. It has been noted.

Terrorist threat at airports

International flight – If your situation is one hundred percent!

If you’re trying to find out, then you’ll have a few floors? If you’re looking for the first floor, you’ll have to go. Find a security post. Find out if it’s a military security force. Do they patrol territory or are they exclusively at their post? If they are neutralized, is it possible to use their weapons?

It’s not a problem. Do you remember? It doesn’t even make it up.

Bombs explode in crowded places.

Avoid crowds of people on food courts. If you see a large number of people, go around the far side. If you’re a lot of luggage, tied with ropes. Try to arrive in a crowd before checking out. You can’t make it a little bit different, I can tell you. Very much potentially dangerous. Also, most of the entrances are disgustingly guarded, including by unarmed guards. So watch the entrance and get ready to act. If someone opens fire from the AK.

Situational awareness and use of gadgets

Damn it, pull out your eyes! How can you hear shots, screams and alarms if all this is muffled by music? I met the following situation: Atlanta International Airport, there wasn’t any trouble. And a warning on the speakerphone – “Stay where you are!” I thought of a plan of action. And he noticed staring at their gadgets.

Clothes should not be any other way around.

And here we recall the concept of “Gray Man”. Yes, there is a military-type clothing in the service. But if there is a combination of casual sand colored trousers and khaki shirts. But at least I have my t-shirts. I wasn’t been a mercenary from the USA.

He is a man who has always been in the gymnasium. T-shirts with offensive and pro-American inscriptions. This is the best way to get in the back.

Bill curty

Service record of the author:

  • From 2004 to 2006: Iraq
  • From 2006 to 2008: United States / United States Commander of the SWAT Unit / Anti-Corruption Division – Baghdad, Iraq
  • From 2008 to 2013: Special Agent (# 1811) of the United States Department of Defense. Place of work: Iraq.
  • 2013 to present: Special Agent (# 1811) of the General Inspectorate of the US Department of Defense. Place of work: Afghanistan, Kandahar, Kabul

Situational awareness in the age of terrorist threats

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