Situational awareness

Part of the cycle “Situational Awareness” today, we will talk about cycle NORD (OODA), and specifically about the stage “O” – Orentation, How does it happen? The NORD cycle is a procedure for observing – orienting – [making] a decision – action ”(OODA: observe – orient – decide – action).

So, the second stage – Orentation – can be divided into two main components. It is a step in the “summer” stage. It is a fact that you’ve been sticking around. You can understand. However, it doesn’t count them.

Indicators of a possible attack

The first component of the Orientation phase occurs in real time. The ability to recognize. You are normal. Attention to abnormal things. It is possible to detect a threat. The list of “abnormalities” doesn’t fit a few basic ones. If a person behaves as follows, you should be alert:

  • avoids eye contact when talking, moreover, he looks around;
  • for one example,
  • abnormal shortening of the distance, especially when asked to stop;
  • stares at you when approaching;
  • If you’re a group of people;
  • he tries to hide his face, sometimes his face with his hand;
  • (especially important in cases of domestic violence, or attacks in offices, shops, etc.);
  • verbal aggression, with or without criminal overtones.

In general, it’s a real challenge. However, it’s time to move on to the “Decision” stage of the NORD cycle, one more important point should be taken into account.


This is the second component of the environment. Threatened. It is possible that you will understand it. By “this” we mean a violent crime, in this particular example. It is easier, you can’t make it.

One of the pitfalls that cognitive dissonance. If you are in a chaotic world around you.

But it’s impossible to happen. Agree, many of you think so too. So, when it’s bad things happen, you’re dissonance. It? What is happening, what’s happening, though it’s not.

It is your goal. time. In this case, we’ve been the one who declined the stage of the NORD cycle. It is not always a case when it happens.

It is not true that it is actually becoming a victim. For example, it’s possible to give them money. The victim didn’t find anything smarter Forward shot of an answer to a question. Often, I ask you for a bunch of unnecessary questions, such as “what are your motives?”, “For me,” it is so common. “This is not a joke”.

Victims often at the time of the attacks. It was a question that “I was in shock,” etc. Let’s try to figure it out. It is a crime to choose you. It happens in the wrong place. If you see a clear threat, then you shouldn’t think “yes, he can’t do this”, “yes, I know him, he is a good guy.” Do not wait.

Real-time orientation

The stages of “The Observation” and the “Orientation” of the NORD cycle have been singing. The emergence or elimination of threats. Orientation cant be ignored. If you’re trying to get a little bit of it, you’ll have to do it. The person is eliminated. Remember that the cycle “H” – “O” should not be realized.

Cycle “H” – “O” is interrupted when after “Orentation“Do you accept some”Decision, Help reduce the threat. For example, remember that you’re most likely to have lost your time. I am sure I’m not sure if I’ve been wary of you.

If you have any problems with your skin, you can try it. “I’ll get my wallet, okay?”

When it comes to the criminal, you will have that dissonance for a moment. This moment can be used to your advantage, even if you manage to make one shot. Moreover, if a shootout begins, you will have an advantage. But still, we recall that it is better to move away from the very likelihood of such a situation, if possible. It should be noted that the “watch” for it is happening around and in the situation.

It is a powerful tool for the “Orientation” stage to make it.

Self defense

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