SkyWall – bazooka against drones

Catch the illegal drone now it is possible – the new will help Skywall device, shooting the net. It can be more difficult to use it.

Drones ceased to be annoying toys. They have been able to show how they were three weeks ago, even to carefully guarded individuals. Progress is moving fast and far; It is quite possible for a helicopter that is capable of recognizing what is going on for a person.

Shoot at drone It is not always possible to always meet with your fellow citizens. Suppressing the control electronics is quite possible, but time consuming. British engineers (no, not researchers, you can exhale) drone This is a highlight of the design.

It is corrected in flight. It is a drone-intruder drone-intruder that has been set up.

One hundred meters. It is a small group of people who are on the path of a projectile ammunition.

Capturing the target, and projectile sent to the “hunt” in view of the data.

It can be seen in the video:

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Skywall &# 8212; bazooka against UAVs

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