Sleep deprivation: Lack of rest during BP

This is one of those problems. sleep deprivation.

It can be a lot of ways to travel around. Or maybe you want to sleep …

Therefore, it is very important to understand what to expect when sleep deprivation gets to you

What is happening

I (the author – someone Selco) used to call this feeling – “to be in a bubble”.

It is like being around you.

For example, if you are not careful. The sniper is incredibly high. But you can’t make it a little bit more than that.

You are “in a bubble.” And it comes from sleep deprivation.

And you begin to react differently than usual. It is a coward.

In any case, this all deduces you from the concept of “norm”.

It was a time when the enemy was literally on the street.

About 50 people and one tank. They are in a peace of mind. If you get something, you can get something done with it.

We have not slept all these three days. They were ready to leave. I’m not sure that I’ve been it. And I’ve expected something like “Well, then, go from here.”

Fortunately, the engine has gotten out of here.

Strange things

This is a subjective, you can expect that after 3-4 days sleep deprivation during BP, It is a reality. (Supplement. Mutuals for all people.)

This fact is caused by many death stories.

For example, it can be called “ghosts.”

I’ve noticed that I’ve seen it. Otherwise, you can go crazy.

This is the time when the child is crying out. from the next room, for your own brains.

But you will go crazy.

Fear and lack of sleep play with your mind a cruel joke.

What can be done?

As with other things that happen during BP, you can’t do anything with sleep deprivation, because it will just be. But you can transfer:

Stay fit

Sleep deprivation During BP, it is often necessary to complete the general equation. if you have diarrhea, for example, if you have sleep deprivation just make it worse.

If you feel normal and suffer solely from lack of sleep, then it is already possible.

Don’t be alone

Good old advice about BP – not to be alone. If you’re a little bit harsh, you can’t if you are cut down.

Be careful with stimulants (pills, alcohol, etc.)

This is, of course, it’s not “politically correct”, but based on personal experience, sleep deprivation, but only for a short period. If you have to spend a long time without having to sleep Better to sleep for a couple of hours.

Sleep in snatches

How many times I have had a good sleep during my period. But I regularly slept in fragments. 20-30 minutes, but it helped.

There is a lot of fun in this field. This is an extremely short and restless sleep.

At night, you can protect your eyes from the sounds of explosions. (And yes, it can be a good idea).

Sleep deprivation and you

It is still a bit of a question. sleep deprivation – it is a normal phenomenon.

Survival Tips and Skills

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