Sliced ​​carbine caliber 9? 19: let’s talk frankly

After honest 5 years of experience, I got my first carbineSaiga 9 caliber 9–19!

It’s true that now all fashion shooters buy a carbine in the nine, this is a hit and must have of the 2017 small season. And after the purchase (when else!) It’s time to think, why do we need this carbine? Why is it so popular? How much training with him help in preparing for the labor-carbine matches?

As a newbie to shooting with long-barreled weapons, I addressed these questions to authoritative, and at the same time independent and objective athletes – riflemen in a carbine. The discussion turned out in the format of a virtual round table.

So, I present the participants:

  • Pavel Danilovich, MSMK
  • Igor Kazakov
  • Sergey Orlov, MS
  • Natalia Rumyantseva, MS
  • Georgy Gubich aka Jora Nefeskvazhinsky, MS
  • Anastasia Chernenko, MS

Anastasia: Well, let’s start. What do you think, is it really carbine 9? 19 can be considered as a training carbine?

George: Can saiga 9? 19 serve as a substitute for a carbine to prepare for karabiner matches? If the match will take place at short pistol distances a la Togliatti, then yes. Almost all the necessary skills you can work and so. But everything else is only partly. In addition, it can only help a good arrow. Which is changing a weapon can pull up a separate element. A novice, shooting from 9–19, will just have time to forget how to shoot from a normal carbine.

Sergei: The first and most important difference is the 9–19 cartridge ballistics, which does not allow for effective shooting at karabiner’s distances. In principle, this is enough to forget about any result in a karabinerny match, not to mention the power factor.

Paul: On the last Championship of Russia on carbine in Bryansk, the first exercises that I shot (with a boat, motorcycle) were at a distance of 20-25m. All rifle elements that were used there could easily be worked out with a 9? 19 Luger rifle.

George: Yet carabiner distance for the most part, it should be 80-250 meters, further on it is quite rare. But even at these distances, the saiga 9 cannot replace the carbine. But everything that is closer is quite possible to work out. True, then you meet such a shooter in a normal match, and the whole dalnyak he goes on the lottery principle: get lucky – I’ll get it. No luck – well, okay.

Natalia: I’m not sure that carbine caliber 9? 19 should be considered as a full opportunity to prepare for a real karabinerny match. This is not the caliber and not the ballistics. Yes, and ergonomics are not exactly the same. Here I am more inclined to use .22 LR.

Sergei: Yes, it is no secret that the Finns use carbines .22 LR for training. In our case, due to the peculiarities of the market, this possibility is very limited, but there are 9–19, which can be used by analogy.

Paul: Of course, it would be even better to have a full-fledged rifle of 5.6 or .22 LR caliber, but very few have such weapons, almost none.

Natalia: I have, two.

Anastasia: And nevertheless, what training elements can be worked out in the nine? And how exactly?

Sergei: You can, if necessary, build training in the dash with the “nine” in the main training plan. But this task requires quite serious knowledge to understand what to do and for what. Just to go to the shooting gallery and babakhat is pointless. I’ll draw your attention to the fact that we are talking about building in it, as an addition to full-fledged training from present carbine, rather than completely replace them.

Paul: In the presence of good parts and DTK, Saiga-9 allows you to see the technique of the shot, despite the fact that the weapon itself will not have any effect on the technique. You can come to the shooting range and work out the elements: aiming, bobbing, shooting from the knee, lying, with the stop, changing the store. All that will give knowledge and experience to you as an arrow. Not an arrow – practice, but just an arrow.

Igor: Of course, it is necessary to “dress up” Saiga 9 to the maximum so that she was close to main carbine, with which to speak.

Sergei: By building a training carbine 9? 19 separate conversation, because it should be a copy of your basic, both in ergonomics and in weight and size characteristics. Moreover, the ergonomics of this is not only a comfortable grip and a butt, it is first of all a complete analog of your main carbine according to such parameters as the butt length, the height of the sight over the crest of the cheek, the place of the grip of the left hand, the USM setting, etc., including the aiming complex.

Paul: But you can train fully. And the more experienced shooters. Because any training with any weapon is good.

George: One more thing, IMHO, to a novice karabinchik – the main thing is to learn how to get on carabiner distances, and only then train movements, entrances-exits. What is the point to move quickly if you can not get there? But the top arrow, on the contrary. You need to focus your attention on the fact that the legs “bypass” their rivals, who shoot as accurately as you do.

Sergei: My opinion is not claiming the truth of last resort is. Train in the dash with a nine and speak at matches with normal carbine – road to nowhere.

Igor: But something can help, for example, to work out shooting in motion, game plans. I myself am going to the Sturm of the citadel in Togliatti in May. Accelerate, add speed, shoot in motion. But the remaining aspects – alas and oh, it will be very difficult to work out on the nine. Because too many different elements need to know and be able to carbine, which in nine can not work out.

Natalia: Nine, of course, is useful in order to work out some of the elements in the closed dash and to tighten the physical form. Well, and get a lot of fun when passing pistol matches. Yes, I already bought Saiga 9 too!

Sergei: Participate in matches with the nine “pho fan” – yes! Relax, have fun, break away, get a lot of fun and adrenaline – yes! The first time I tried and shot a few exercises from Saiga 9 a little over a year ago at the rifle Winter Cup. I liked it very much – great fun!

Anastasia: With this, it turns out, is related popularity carbine 9? 19?

George: The main point is that there are very few shooting ranges in the country with the possibility of training from a full-fledged carbine. These are the requirements for the class of bullet protection and the physical capabilities of the hood. Not everyone can afford even in Moscow to go to Pushchino, Alabino or Britovo. Here people take Saiga 9 – and trains in pistol shooting galleries.

Paul: Simple moment – weather conditions. Carabiner does not allow to train at all times, and there are no closed shooting galleries for the .223 caliber.

Sergei: Covered comfortable shooting galleries within the city limits, transport accessibility and flexible schedule greatly contribute to the increase in the number of people willing to join the “karabiner”. All this is great and great, if not one but …

Many position this movement as preparation for World Championships in carbine, although in fact only a few will be able to get there. The organizers of the matches open special classes for the owners of Saiga 9, declaring this to be a preparation for the World Cup karabinerom, the arrows write and show on blogs how well they shoot from the “carbine”, the movement is in full swing. Watching all this from the side, I often wonder if everyone understands what they are doing and what they want to get in the end?

Anastasia: And how, is it true that participation in pistol matches with carbine 9? 19 can help in preparing for the World Cup?

Paul: In preparation for the World Championship, there is no longer a need; everything should be ready. The main weapon, and you need to train only with him.

Sergei: In conclusion, I repeat once again. Nine has the right to life in a carbine, the only question is how to use it. It seems to me that now most of the shooters are too carried away and are in a captivity of illusions. The period of euphoria will pass, and that will remain a dry residue everyone will see for himself.

Igor: Completely naturally carbine 9? 19 will not replace normal workouts. It is best to find ways and means to train with a normal carbine.

Anastasia: I see we go into the second round. So you can finish. Many thanks to all the participants!

The author: Chernenko Anastasia


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