Sliding traps based on the principle of reducing friction, an ice floe and a pit trap with an ice rink. Production and installation.

Moving traps or traps of a sliding type is a type of trap based on the principle of reducing friction and mainly applicable in frosty winters.. 

Sliding traps based on the principle of reducing friction, an ice floe and a pit trap with an ice rink. Manufacture and installation.

Small ice trap for small animals.

Icefish is quite simple to manufacture and is mainly designed for catching small animals, for example from the marten family. Pour water into a container, such as a bucket, and expose it to cold. At first, water freezes along the walls, at the bottom and on the surface, while inside it remains liquid for quite some time. When the water freezes from above to a thickness of 3-4 centimeters, a hole with a diameter of 4-5 cm is made in the ice crust, and the remaining water is drained through it. The result is a kind of ice glass.

The container is brought into heat or placed for a very short time by the fire and then a hollow ingot is removed from it. In the resulting glass, put a suitable bait and drip it at ground level in the places of the alleged location of small animals. A small animal caught in such a trap upside down, as a rule, cannot get out on its own.

Ice rink trap.

Such a trap based on friction is designed to capture larger animals, the size of a wild cat or wolf. The main requirement is the presence of a natural slide with a slope angle of about 50 to 60 degrees and a length of 5 meters or more. An improvised ice rink is made from this slide. At the base of the hill, they dig a pit trap measuring 1-1.5×1.5-2 meters and a depth of two or more meters, or use the natural terrain. Above the walls of the pit, from branches and small trees, make walls slightly tilted inward, which serve to protect it from being covered by snow and masking.

Then a bait is hung over a pit trap, and a slide-roller is masked, slightly numbing it with snow. For greater slaughter, stakes can be dug into the bottom of the pit, and sharp spikes can be buried in the slope of the hill. While the victim glides along the slope, additional damage will be inflicted.

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