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Once hunting was one of the main human activities. Successful results provided people not only with food, but also with clothes, shoes and even decorations. Nowadays, commercial hunting has almost disappeared, and now it’s rather a hobby. Costly, requiring not only desire, but also certain skills. Weapons and devices invented such a quantity and of such quality that the hunter often can only aim and pull the trigger. But real professionals do not recognize such tactics. Also with disapproval, some of them also apply to this type of weapon as a slingshot for hunting, considering it to be ineffective. However, this statement is controversial, and in order to understand who is right, you should take a closer look at this ancient weapon.

  • Slingshot device
    • 1.1 Shooting Principle
    • 1.2 Ammunition
    • 1.3 Advantages and disadvantages
  • 2The correct shooting technique
    • 2.1 Instinctive shooting
    • 2.2Logging with an eye
    • 2.3 Hunter’s stand
  • 3How to make a slingshot for hunting with your own hands
  • 4A review of several popular models
  • 5Safety engineering

Slingshot device

Slingshot for hunting do it yourselfThe hunting equipment store has a fairly wide range of slingshots, but remembering childhood and making it yourself is also not difficult. To do this, you will need a very small set of materials and tools:

  • A suitable piece of branch. Can be replaced with a plastic or metal part.
  • Rubber or special harness.
  • A piece of tanned leather.
  • Jigsaw.
  • Drill.
  • Scissors.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Knife.

The action algorithm is the same as in a happy happy childhood.

  • Carefully selected horny branch should be cleaned of bark and treated with emery paper.
  • On each horn of the sighting part, approximately two centimeters below the ends, we remove the annular chamfer under the elastic band.
  • An elastic band is wrapped around the horns, tied with knots, and knots are wrapped with threads.
  • The center of the gum is measured and cut.
  • In a piece of leather picked up under the pedestal, holes are made at the edges.
  • The ends of the elastic are passed through these holes and knotted.

Homemade slingshot ready and no drawings needed. The main thing is that the ends of the rubber bands are the same in length, otherwise the socket will be shifted to one side. It remains to find the right shells and start shooting.

Overview of several popular models

Survival Slingshot Archer CompleteBut back to the store. It is rather difficult for an inexperienced person to choose a truly high-quality slingshot for hunting, and even strong, accurate and durable. Therefore, we give a couple of the most popular models:

  • Model FS-1 firm Truemark. Very light. The kit includes a holder for shells. Removable palm rest. Designed almost 50 years ago, but still is one of the best-selling models.
  • Survival Slingshot Archer Complete. Pure hunting model. The kit includes a flashlight. The use of arrows is possible.
  • The so-called combat slingshot. Folding model of anodized aluminum. There is a large variation in shooting, as the sighting part is too wide.
  • The base is made of aviation aluminum because of what it has a low weight. Due to the thin rubber, the accuracy of hitting the target is increased.

The list is far from complete, but enough of the models listed above is enough to understand that it’s easy to find a slingshot at hand.


Shooting, no matter where and from what it is made – quite a dangerous business. Especially when the survey is closed by densely standing trees, a low shrub or a ray of sunshine looking out from behind a cloud. Therefore, the safety of the hunt must be observed.

  • The first danger is the rebound. A slingshot shell flies very quickly and can change the trajectory when it hits a stone, a tree trunk, or just a thick branch.
  • When shooting a slingshot, you must wear safety glasses.
  • Closely monitor what is on the trajectory of the projectile, and especially in the immediate vicinity of the target.
  • And never aim at the animal if it is not going to shoot.

This can be the end of a review of this familiar and at the same time such unusual weapon for hunting. Good luck in the field.

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