Small infantry shovel. History and methods of application

– Little Johnny, how do the worms breed?
– By division, Maryvanna!
– And more specifically?
– shovel
(old joke)

Contrasting to the soldier. It helps.

There is a widespread term. “Sapper shovel”, which, however, is incorrect.

MPL – historical excursion

The inventor is a Danish officer – Mads Linnemann. It has been established that it has been registered. . The Linnemann shovel (Den. Linnemannske Spade (M.1870)) can be simplified. It didn’t bring in a spades. There was a trace in the Austrian-Hungarian Nationality of Austria. Mens Linnemann – Russian Empire.

In other cases, for samokapyvaniya and equipment are used, which are portable trenching tool:

  • war ax
  • big shovel
  • pickaxe
  • two-handed saw

The spade, despite the prefix “infantry”, equipped with conventional infantry units. She, in fact, was intended for the soldiers. In terms of firing a tool that simply is indispensable.

A trained soldier is using a shovel.

MPL-50 (small infantry shovel, 50 cm long) is constantly with him. This tool is to ensured that the tool has been properly trained.

The design of a small infantry shovel

Fortunately, taking on MPL-50 It is not necessary to add special tools to the specialists. The blade should be as simple as possible, functional and, most importantly, trouble-free. Only two trouble-free parts: bayonet blade and stalk. Both elements are made of the highest quality materials. Moreover, the handle is never painted. An antireflection coating is usually applied to the work of enemy snipers.

Infantry shovel – monolithic ax, moderately heavy, comfortable and deadly.

Standard blade very grasping and perfectly in the hand. Its size does not constrain the soldier, so do MPL-50 folding does not make sense. The lower edges of the blade are sharp. In fact, trained soldiers often sharpen all faces of the bayonet. Thus, the usual tool turns into a real murder weapon.

Use of MPL

First of all, the MPL-50 is needed so that the soldier could be digged. Recorded fighter for just 10 minutes. However, it is often not necessary to use it. It is even a workout.

The sapper blades are perfectly calculated. The center of gravity is located at the junction of the cutting edge. Often one punch is enough.

Mortar shovel

In 1937, a designer Dyakonov took and combined small infantry shovel and mortar. Simplicity of design won mortar spade popularity – it was possible to equip such almost every soldier.

The mortar consisted of a trunk and a bipod with a cork. The barrel pipe is plugged in with the breech pipe. Breech ends up with a ball heel. The hinge connection is made of one-piece. There is a rotating ring. It has been confirmed that the bipod has been bent from the muzzle. Before shooting, this fry was connected to a spring lirka.

It has been noted.

However, where it was used, there was

TTX mortar shovels

Firing range 250m
Weight 1.5 kg
Mass of mines 500 g
Caliber 37 mm

The caliber of 37 mm wonders on the battlefield, of course, did not work, but it was not over. Since the moment of the improvised mortar simply disappeared.


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