Small-sized machine “Kalashnikov”

Small machine (MA) is the initiative development of the concern “Kalashnikov“And is intended as a self-defense weapon for the calculation of military equipment, as well as a light and maneuverable melee weapon for special forces. It is assumed that in perspective automatic machine MA will be able to replace in the arsenal for a long time with the machine AKS-74U.

MA automatic was first shown to the public at the exhibition Army 2016 in September 2016, and at the time of the show was in the stage of factory testing and design testing.

Tactical Specifications MA

Caliber 5.45×39
Type of automation gas outlet
The length of the weapon, mm ~ 750 (500 with folded butt)
Barrel length, mm ?
Weight without magazine, kg 2.5
Rate of fire, shots / min ?
Magazine capacity, cartridges thirty

Layout concept MA automatic It has its roots in the eponymous design by EFDragunov, created in the second half of the 1970s for the “Modern” competition, in which the future automatic machine AKS-74U. Production however AKS-74U in Russia ended in the late 1990s, and now the security forces have a need for a similar compact machine, preferably more modern. It is this role that the new one claims. automatic machine MA, practically from scratch re-designed by engineers of the Kalashnikov concern.

MA automatic It has an arrangement with a compact plastic receiver U-shaped section, reinforced with a steel liner, in which the bolt group is located in the “hanging” state. Automatic weapons uses a gas piston with a short stroke and the locking bolt on three lugs. Below to the receiver pivotally joins the box of the firing mechanism, made of plastic solidly with the receiver stores, pistol grip and trigger guard.

The weapons controls are bilateral, on the upper surface of the receiver a Picatinny-type guide is made for the installation of modern sighting systems. Plastic telescopic (adjustable) butt folds sideways, on the right side of the weapon. The machine can be equipped with a tactical muffler quick-detachable.

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