Smart rifle wins professional sniper

A few months after the announcement of the competition between a professional sniper armed with a conventional rifle, and a novice, with little training experience, armed with a “smart” Linux rifle. The results of the competition appeared on the official website of the manufacturer of the TrackingPoint rifle.

As a prize, the organization of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation raised a little more than 500 thousand dollars for a professional sniper, if he can defeat a smart rifle, using conventional weapons adopted by the army these days.

TrackingPoint Smart Rifle

Smart rifle is a high-tech gadget that helps the user to aim, taking into account various factors (force and direction of the wind, temperature, preemption of movement, etc.).

The basic principle is that the user presses the trigger and, following the prompts of the navigator, accompanies the target, and the rifle itself chooses the most opportune moment to commit the shot. The operating system uses Linux.

As a smart rifle operator, was chosen Taya kyle, Founder of the Center for Psychological Aid to Military Personnel of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

As a professional sniper was selected Bruce Pyatt (Bruce piatt), the multiple champion of the NRA (National Rifle Association of the United States), who used the weapons currently in use in the US Army. Also, Bruce was allowed to use a range finder, ordinary glasses – in general, everything that is included in the standard equipment.

The competition was held in three stages, using three types of weapons (conventional weapons, weapons of high accuracy and sniper weapons). Stressful conditions were also created, close to real ones – fog, explosions, randomly moving targets were used. The shots were made from a sitting, lying, standing, kneeling position.

The realism of the situation was appreciated by the audience, very high, as nowadays, in military operations and especially in special operations, preliminary thorough preparation minimizes such problems.

Bottom line: Taya hit 100% of targets, Bruce – 58.6%.

Additional totals

  • TrackingPoint rifle was able to win in each individual competition, with a huge margin.
  • Taya was able to hit 100% of the targets from a fully protected position (using special glasses and cameras, allow shots to be fired in such a way that the soldier’s body remains in shelter inaccessible to enemy fire), Bruce could not make a single effective shot from a fully protected position.

The competition produced a natural wow effect on many viewers.

What to expect next?

Taya Kyle says that if the army is armed with smart weapons, it will save many lives of soldiers, police officers and special units, as well as minimize incidental losses and collateral damage due to exceptional accuracy.

TrackingPoint claims that training a professional sniper costs the army too much, and using smart weapons can reduce the cost of training fighters and excess ammunition by $ 3.2 billion annually. A smart weapon is a big leap in the development of military rifle affairs.

John McHale, the company’s CEO, says that while the fleet moved from conventional ships to aircraft carriers, and the air force ranged from simple airplanes to supersonic aircraft, the infantry was still armed with cannons (meaning guns – pistols, machine guns, etc.) d.), whose last high-quality modernization was almost 100 years ago. It’s time to give them a modern weapon.

Stage details

Smart rifle:

  • Rifle M600: 1900
  • Precision rifle M800: 3240
  • Sniper rifle Xs1: 5000

Plain rifle:

  • Rifle M4A1: 500
  • Precision rifle M110: 940
  • Sniper rifle M2010: 1640

Total score on points:

Taya and smart rifle: 10140
Bruce and conventional weapons: 3080

Taya Kyle, the widow of Chris Kyle, one of the most accurate and authoritative snipers in the United States. Chris is also the author of the autobiography of the film & quot; American Shooter & quot;Taya Kyle, the widow of Chris Kyle, one of the most accurate and authoritative snipers in the United States. Chris is also the author of the American Shooting Autobiography.

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