Smooth-bore self-defense cartridges with Saiga-410 carbine

It is no secret that nine out of every ten of our fellow citizens who acquire hunting guns and smoothbore ammo, do not even think about hunting. Passionate hunters are not so much. But perhaps everyone thinks about security in our hectic times.

Among the various types of weapons acquired for the needs of self-defense, self-loading smooth-bore carbines of the Saiga family occupy a special place. Strict, obviously military, appearance and undisguised resemblance to the famous Kalashnikov assault rifle, of course, contribute to the commercial success of this type of weapon. Saiga-410 appeared on the market before its counterparts of the 20th and 12th calibers. And the price of a rifle of this caliber is the least burdensome for the pocket of the average owner of the weapon.

All of the above disadvantages in the .410 Magnum caliber appear especially clearly due to the fact that the shotgun is already small. High muzzle pressures lead to its increased dispersion.


The design and shape of the bullets that fit the smooth-bore cartridges for the Saiga-410 carbine can be quite different. Most Popular:

  • spherical bullets used in sport-active cartridges;
  • cap bullets (cartridges of the Barnaul plant in a metal sleeve);
  • cylindrical bullets with plastic pallets (cartridges of the Krasnozavodsky chemical plant).

The mass of bullets of .410 caliber ranges from 6 to 11 g. The speed is from 370 m / s for the Krasnodar plant cartridges to 630 m / s for the Sport-Aktiv. As it was said earlier, the energy of 800-900 J is more than enough to quickly disable a person. Bullets of most factory-made cartridges are able to pierce 8-10 cm of wood or 2.5 mm of steel.


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