Snakes, fishing methods, cooking on a fire and eating snakes during survival in extreme or emergency situations.

Science claims that out of about 2,400 species of snakes, about 200 of them are deadly to humans. Despite this, one should not be afraid of the unpleasant consequences of eating snake meat. Almost all snakes, both poisonous and non-poisonous, are edible. Snake venom, if it exists, is only in their head, and therefore meat can be eaten without fear of poisoning. 

Snakes, fishing methods, cooking on a fire and eating snakes during survival in extreme or emergency situations.

We will not dwell on the reasons that may prompt you to catch and eat snakes during a short outing or a multi-day trip. We believe that they will be quite substantial and reasonable..

Catching snakes.

When catching snakes, extreme care must be taken, it is better to be safe again and consider each of them poisonous by default, regardless of whether you visually recognized it or not. In case the snake defeats the snake-man, you must remember the rules for first aid after a bite of snakes and, if available, prepare the necessary tools, for example, the Swyer Extractor Pump Kit.

Keeping from the snake at a safe distance, at least one of its length, so that it does not reach you in the throw, with a long, forked stick (branch), we securely press the snake’s head to the ground and then either cut it off with a knife or chop it off with an ax. Or smash it with a stone or another stick. Even in the head of a poisonous snake separated from the body, its teeth remain very dangerous. Therefore, the head must be buried, farther and deeper, so that then you do not accidentally step on it.

Cutting and Cooking Snakes.

From the headless snake we remove the skin and remove the insides. To do this, after making a long longitudinal section along her belly, we take the skin with one hand and pull the carcass with the other. Then we remove all the insides and then wash the carcass. If the snake is large, then the skin can not be removed, only gut and rinse well.

Snakes, fishing methods, cooking on a fire and eating snakes during survival in extreme or emergency situations.

The prepared snake carcass can be cooked, previously cut into pieces, or baked in coals (in its own skin) or over the heat of a fire (if the skin was removed). Snakes do not smell very good, so you should not postpone the cooking procedure, there will be less unpleasant sensations. The easiest, most convenient and fastest way to cook a snake is to bake it over a fire. To do this, we fix the carcass on a raw skewer branch and place it over the heat of coals or fire of the fire. The dish is ready when the meat is easily separated from the bones. In extreme cases, if it is not possible to get fire, snake meat can be eaten raw. However, it is better to refrain from this, you never know what parasites live on it. Any heat treatment would be preferable.

Original snake recipes by Jerry Hopkins, author of Extreme Cooking.

Breaded Rattlesnake Snack.

Kill the snake and hang it by the tail for an hour, having previously cut off its head. Refresh and gut. Cut into pieces, which are then soaked for 2 hours in milk. Roll the pieces in cornmeal or breadcrumbs, or in a mixture thereof. Deep-fry. Serve with hot Louisiana sauce, texas pepper sauce or tartar sauce.

Pickled Snake Cooked with Rice.

Refresh the snake and cut its meat into chopsticks with chopsticks. Sliced ​​in a mixture of soy sauce, garlic, ginger and bourbon whiskey. Then put the meat on partially cooked rice and continue cooking until both are cooked..

How to distinguish a venomous snake from a non-venomous snake, some signs. Small video.

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