Sniper gear: the most necessary equipment

In the world of warriors, it was not a problem. Can be considered a sniper.

We previously wrote about sniper training in articles of the same name (part one, part 2, part 3). Now we will tell you about the equipment and equipment of the sniper.

Sniper gear

In the Soviet times, a sniper was in every military unit. However, it was not a technical requirement.

Today, the sniper is not only a good shot, which removes the enemy with surgical precision. This is still a skillful intelligence officer and strategist, because he works in conditions of increased complexity,

Such conditions require increased precautions. This is the most important thing that you can do.

Camouflage suit

The main element of equipment. It contributes to the concept of the fighter in the environment. There is no need for a camouflage. The color of the disguise is selected in accordance with the time of year, the terrain, and the vegetation of the area. In our latitudes, the “Kikimora” is the “most suitable” and “suitable” for all areas.

The ideal option camouflage suit can be considered ghilli, made by hand. This is where you can find out about how to make love. It should be noted. Qualitatively made of ghilli “catches” the slightest from the landscape. The sniper remains less noticeable when moving.

A bit of history: this kind of disguise as gilli Scotland dates back to 1916 (for the first mention of the snipers dates back to 1916). Although it is a scottish huntsman used for hunting game and poachers. The word ghillie comes from the Scottish “servant” because of the costume.

Unloading vest

The second most important element of the equipment can be considered unloading. It is convenient to move. It is not necessary to have a haircut, but it can move in the cresting way.

It is usually not the skin of the belt. On the shoulders and belt, there are fixed or removable clothing, walkie-talkies, etc. In short, the unloading of the vest is completely easier. Plus, such a vest is often padded from thermo-waterproofing, where it’s possible to move along.

Sniper shoes

Sniper shoes require special attention. Glory-french footwear. In the first case, the shoes are still soft, but there are also titanium spikes. If necessary, the foot will not slide. This shoe is perfect for winter. The soft leather “berets” is the specialty of the shoes. There are no tips for you. If you can use one trick. This piece of clothing doesn’t fit the shooter, but … These are nylon stockings. Then you can’t stick to the shoes at all.


Another interesting piece of equipment is a cover-rug called “Crocodile”. For closed animal, “Crocodile” is polyfunctional: as a heat-insulating mat, a camouflage cape for a rifle.

Shantsevy tool

It is necessary to make a statement. You need a sapper blade and frame. A small trench is a tug out and a frame is set above it. Frame it is a device that is not commercially available. 16-20 flat stainless steel plates. The plates should be approximately 80 cm in length and have a G-like shape. Plates are fastened. Such a frame is easy to carry and install. It is covered with raincoat and masked in accordance with the landscape. This can be safely observe the terrain.

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