Sniper in the city

Needless to say, to behave, it should be extremely cautious and prudent.

Ordering tasks. Among these goals are the commanders of the enemy groups and, of course, the enemy snipers. It is the first two priority objectives during during a combat. But, since, there is an exception, sometimes snipers The live name is “live bait”.

How does this happen?

Sniper chooses an easy target. If you are looking for a bait. After the sniper strikes, the hunt begins. He added that he was allegedly accidentally wounded. firing zone. These minutes sniper the enemy is coming to the wounded comrade. And here, if group commander danger in unit sniper hunting, may lose a few people.

It’s not necessary to get caught in order. sniper trap, but also save his wounded comrade.

First of all, it’s necessary to understand that against experienced sniper can only act productively experienced sniper. Snipers, having some Options sniper position for example, from a grenade launcher or gun machine, not such an easy task. Well disguised sniper positions, even professionals will need a lot of time.

Do not allow anti-sniper standoff, mortal danger?

What to do?

The whole group should be stopped. If necessary, identify sniper position, you can see where you can sit down sniper. Experienced commander always provides planning an operation.

Important! Do not run up to the wounded fighter. Sniper Leave it to the sweetie area. Therefore, it is the most effective thing to do. armored vehicles, (if there is one) sniper affect the situation. If possible, you can’t let them get in and out of the shot. In this case, the rest of the surrounding surrounding territory.

It is worth noting that there are no enemy grenade launchers or others nearby (in the affected area). heavy weapons, able to hit the armored vehicle. Also, for difficulty job sniper You can use army smoke or set fire to tires. It can be quite tightly and, therefore, impede the work sniper. In this case, it should be taken for a while. In extreme cases, you can make a small fire. For example, set cone or building.

If everything happens in the city

If a sniper You can use the following method:

Take into account the size of the upper edges, sheets, curtains, bed sheets or other wide spread fabrics in each house. Throwing, you can block the view sniper it is not a rule. If necessary, it’s not a problem. aimed fire the adversary.

It is desirable to use the so-called “Cat” – It is a rope loop. It is a good idea to use it to make it easier for you to use it.

If you talk about your own stupidity, it became a bait, then there are a few things:

If a sniper If you’re trying to find a place to travel, you’ll find yourself When moving, it is necessary to choose an unpredictable, torn and looping movement. sniper could not clearly catch you in sight. If you happen to be dusk, you can be dead and wait until nightfall. However, we must bear in mind that sniper – It is a professional, patient, and a person.

Sniper bait

It’s not a problem.

In case of a situation where you can sniper, in order to distract him from your wounded comrade. It is especially effective in your group. enemy snipers.

Doll bait made from scrap materials using helmets, goggles, hats, balaclava, uniforms, equipment and weapons. And for plausibility, the bait is placed in a living environment. It can be seen that it can be a bit looser.

A room or a room where it’s possible, if possible, it’s possible sniper bullets, can fly a grenade launcher or shotgun grenade launcher.

It’s true sniper it is a bait you have already prepared. It should not be taken care of!

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