Sniper Outfit: Surveillance and Defense Equipment

In the first part of our article, “Sniper Equipment and Equipment,” we talk about how to use it.

It is the sniper of the equipment, which has been in the equipment for a long time.

Optical electronic surveillance

An important role for a sniper is a visionary and thermal imagers.


Can not be used always. For example, binoculars can be cruel for the enemy.

Pocket binoculars of the “Navigator” type with a magnification of 8 or 10x are well suited for observation. The picture is not so important. Moreover, it is “smear” the picture.

It can be measured as a field of magnitude. . Such binoculars, unfortunately, are very expensive. The most famous companies such as Leika Geovid, Swarowski RF-1, Bushell. Something similar is a 1D18 binoculars manufacturer. It is not clear.


The case of the device. It makes it possible to explore the terrain at 360 degrees. Grid device allows you to determine the distance to the target. Every sniper had periscopes during the Great Patriotic War.

Night Vision Device (NVD), thermal imager

Thermal imagers will become indispensable assistants to the sniper. For the spy movies. But in fact, these are high-tech devices that have many types and modifications.

It makes it possible to reduce the amount of light between the two types. The thermogram is transformed into a thermogram, it turns out to be a thermogram.

It detects the temperature fluctuations of 0.2 ° C.

There are three main modifications: a night vision camera. It can not be seen. You can then track the progress of the glasses.


It is a mandatory demining shovel. With its absence, you can use a knife-machete. This is a knife-machete “Taiga”. They can easily dig into the ground, turf and solve many other problems.

Pliers, screwdrivers, files, pliers, etc. The multitool of the company Leatherman or Gerber.

Security tools

Pyrotechnic set

A pyrotechnic set should also take place among the sniper’s baggage. Especially if you are a partner in a position offline. Standardly, there are several grenades (RGO and RGN), such as a couple of signal and combat mines. Mines and grenades are used to establish 200-300 meters from the position.

Here I would like to make a small “lyrical” retreat. After all, you can’t significantly save your life. First, it’s possible to make it out as high as possible — in the branches, up the slope. It will be impossible to escape from the ground. It is advisable to disguise the line and the grenade itself with grass or leaves. Secondly, for a stretching, a bullet mine (PMP). It is a legal position (PMP “bypasses”). . It represents a tube with a lever and is welded. The cartridge is charged with large fractions, notched with grapeshot or simply chopped nails. The damage to the enemy.

Water, food, medicine

First aid kit, flask, rations – no less than all other items of equipment.

It is not necessary to calculate the amount of time in a position.

First aid kit however, it is necessary to keep 3 types of medicines: painkillers, disinfectants and antibiotics. All the rest is dressing and repellents. It is simply necessary, because the insects can bother and hinder the work. Dimethyl phthalate, dimethyl toluamide, benzimine.

I would like to say: ropes and spare weapons.


For stretch marks. It is thin and durable.

Spare weapon

When confronted with the enemy at the close range. Usually it is a pistol with a small caliber muffler (up to 9 millimeters). It should be used at a distance of no more than 20-30 meters.

Equipment and equipment sniper. Part 2

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