Sniper Physical Training – Exercise Required

Shooting from rifled small arms of the concept. But despite this, it’s not a problem. And there is a number of features that you should pay attention to.

Apt shooter. This is the first point where you can find muscle and eyes. Another moment is the vestibular apparatus, which should be, if not ideal, then close to ideal.

It is a watch watch. You can’t take a look at the comrades.

It’s necessary to make it.

Remember once a day for all the various gyms, rocking and the like are contraindicated to the sniper. Do not get carried away with barbell and dumbbells, strength work with large weights. A pumped up body is beautiful, but no more. It is not approved, it is a smooth, highly coordinated work. Such muscles work jerky, prone to spontaneous contractions, sometimes – spasms. This is what adversely affects the shooting of shots.

Muscles should develop evenly and in moderation, without fanaticism and excesses. The following is a 3–6 times a week. 5-6 times a week. If you’re looking out for a horizontal bar, etc. It should be time to recover.

Warm up and warm up well. Do not forget the stretching exercises. These recommendations are based on our own experience.

1. Running

If you want to be strong, run, if you want to be beautiful; It is a healthy, healthy lifestyle. First of all, buy a quality branded shoes for running (sneakers). It is for running, not for walking. Never run on asphalt – “kill” the joints of the legs. Dirt paths away from forest highways.

If you’re not happy, you can’t have enough. The wolf pace, that is, 100 meters on foot, 100 meters – running at an average pace. 2-3 km to start you can increase the load.

If you aren’t right back, you’re turned out, you’re not getting back, you’ll be breathing, you’ll be breathing, you’ll be breathing it. At the same time, the pulse should not exceed 150 beats per minute; If it exceeds, it’s possible. 500 meters at least.

When it is called “get into a rut”, you can. You can’t get lost, you can’t get lost. Warm-up

2. Horizontal bar

This is your “friend, comrade and brother.” With it, you can perfectly develop your body, arms, shoulder girdle, body. Tendons are strengthened. It can be done with a narrow, medium or wide grip.

There is no need for any further information about the weight of life. muscles. In addition, for all types of pull-ups on the crossbar, the pectoral muscles are partially involved in the work.

Pull up on the crossbar should be smooth, without jerks and twitching. Ideally, it is important that it is possible, Better to do two pullups correctly than ten wrong. It is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the body. For effort (up) – exhale (through the nose or mouth), to relax (down) – inhale through the nose. Do not forget to do the “twist”, just be careful not to overdo it.

By the number of approaches, grabs and reps – see for yourself. Each person is individual. It will be enough to have 3 sets of 5 repetitions, an increase of 3 sets of 5 repetitions, and even a number of 5 sets of 5 repetitions.

3. Bars

Another very good sports equipment for the development of muscles. Dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom

This is a guideline for you. So, when moving down, it’s possible to keep up with the bars. Individually.

Heel in a horizontal position. It perfectly develops the muscles of the chest, arms, shoulders, upper back. If you want to make a move on the back of the wall Movement down – inhale, movement up – exhale. The go down!

4. Wringing from the floor, the ground, another surface

The surface must be horizontal and flat. It develops the muscles of the body. For fingering and fists. Here, too, everything is purely individual. Recommendations for the horizontal push-ups on the bars.

5. Exercises for the development of the abdominals

They must be done daily. It should be remembered that it should be reckoned. bar – the lower part of the abdominals.

6. Exercises for training the vestibular apparatus

The vestibular apparatus is a small but complex system. Responsible movement in space. In other words, it is an organ of balance. Technically, it is located in the inner ear. It is the receptor that its receptors are irritated when it is moving. For a sniper, a well-developed vestibular apparatus is archival. I think it is not necessary to explain why.

So, the starting position is standing, legs together, hands apart, palms open. Up to 10 times. You can slowly increase your speed and number of spins. This is a very good exercise. At first, it can be nagging and nauseous, but this is normal. You can go out of use.

The second exercise. Stand, feet, feet, legs, legs, lean When you fix your car, you’ll be able to rotate around this point. Gradually, it is necessary to bring the number of rotations to at least 30.

7. Swimming

Perfectly relaxes and develops all muscle groups without overstressing them. Swim as often as you can. This is a very good addition to the above exercises.

8. Training for the eyes

Without this, nowhere. First of all, it doesn’t benefit anyone. Read in public transport or moving cars.

The first exercise: sitting or standing, heading straight, looking forward, 10-15 times in several approaches.

Second altern altern altern altern altern altern

It is a fact that it makes it possible to make it.

Of course, these exercises are not the ultimate truth. If you wish, you can find it on. Try, experiment, develop your system, optimally sharpened for you personally.

Physical training. Exercises Needed for a Sniper

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