Sniper protection and enemy sniper neutralization

Below are the sniper fires. The first is a translation of an American source of information. It is interesting to note that

Sergey S. (translation author – editor’s note)

Sniper protection

Perhaps the most disturbing of all the battlefield snipers. If qualified sniper it is your goal. Fortunately, it’s not important enough for such attention. The biggest danger from sniper – to become an interesting goal for him. However, we can’t help you to get a goal.

It makes it easier to understand it. snipers looking for goals? What will make sniper choose – in whom? Having found out that simplifies the work sniper, we will be able to determine what will hinder his work. Difficult, to complete deprivation sniper chance of luck.

Primary sniper targets

Typical sniper pair it makes it difficult to use fire. Group weapon calculations, officers and sergeants sniper looking first. Looking for primary goals. This will be the case. sniper.

The officer corps is the primary goal. I’m not sure if I’ve been in the military area. Try to wear the same uniform as everyone else. Do not differ from subordinates, even signs of distinction. Do not salute in a combat zone. If you want to snipers understand who you are.

Be attentive to gestures and signals with your hands. The guy pointing “there”, “here”, “there” and “here” is usually the boss. Similarly, do not stand while your subordinates are working. There are no rules stating that an officer cannot work. Or participate in the fun to find out. Try to get everyone in your position at once. While he was watching or moving towards him, he only becomes one great big target.

The U.S. Army pistols. If you brought your favorite “howitzer” from the house to “pacify”, wear it secretly. It is possible that a foreign sniper decide that you must be an officer. Likewise with binoculars or even a compass. Keep them hidden. And do not stand near the radio operator. He may be your best buddy, but he – sniper bait. Anyone close to him will probably be remind the officer.

Sniper fire distance

Snipers have a set of distances in which they can operate most effectively. Most likely, the shooting will not be conducted within up to 300 yards. They are too vulnerable at this distance. Other extreme value that was registered sniper shot, it was 2500 yards. Typical sniping takes place at a distance of under 500 yards.

You can be exposed sniper fire. Soothing thought.

You are not always paranoid in the combat area. Know your surroundings, especially when exploring them from 300 yards. You won’t see good sniper, but he can impersonate himself. This can save your ass. If you are not looking at your feet

The sniper

The most important thing to do is to go to the toilet at the same time every day. Do not expose your head at a predictable time. If you walk around in sight at 08:00 every morning, Joe sniper it may ever get bored. If a sniper It makes you impossible.

If you want to go out, then you can go out. It is so beautiful that you can’t be on your guard. Sniper observes and he is in firing position. It’s a simple goal.

Sniper time

It is usually least careful. This is the time when people love to act. snipers. Therefore, you should be especially careful at this time of day.

Shelters and camouflage

Do not stand it up if you can avoid it. Choose your shelter if you are going to stay in one position. Refrain from movement. Moving unmasks. If you move, you can move it. .

The shelter. If a sniper you can’t see you as a target. Observe your disguise. Avoid positioning against contrasting backgrounds. If you come out of doors for example, blankets, do not linger in the doorways. The size of the doorway. If you’re leaving However, this also applies to windows.

Use of darkness

It was used before. You can’t see it sniper. Act as if you are always under surveillance, even at night. And do not starch your BDU. You can think about it. Also do not stand in a well-lit place. Joe sniper There is no point in facilitating his task. Smoking impairs your vision and facilitates your detection. sniper – especially in infrared radiation. Be careful when and where you turn on the light.

Rapid counter-reaction to sniper attack

Try to organize a quick response to sniper attacks. Assign people to shoot. Funnels from artillery shells or mines are most often used. snipers for their shelters. If you are so stupid, you can give them a surprise.

If you can identify with sufficient accuracy sniper position, as the shot sounds. Do not hesitate because sniper you can surprise him. Having installed several mannequins for a bait, you can be force sniper to express yourself. Mannequins for bait, I don’t consider brand new “guys” – do mannequins in the old uniform.

If a sniper makes a shot, get all the information you can from witnesses. What was the position at that moment when she was struck? Where was the victim? How much time passed between a shot and a flash shot? But they can usually be duplicated. Ask for your shots. Seek out a possible bullet track.

Be careful while you still have your position. sniper, who proved that he could hit you in this place. The rifle rod is inserted sniper position. All this information can help your counter sniper teams determine where the enemy is hiding.

Using your own snipers

Best protection against snipers – more own snipers. Your sniper team can be, most likely, are located enemy snipers. They can identify an area suitable for shelter snipers, it can be mined or covered with stretch marks. Snipers can instruct when searching enemy snipers. In more serious situations, they can go on the hunt themselves.

Sniper teams, patrolling zone of the enemy snipers. Your own teams can spot the signs. sniper activity before you start losing people. When will they begin to eliminate enemy snipers, .

Sniper platoons to be small and not subject to large losses. Intensive work of your own snipers can just eliminate enemy snipers in your area of ​​responsibility. This is the best result for everyone.

How to kill a sniper

  1. Sniper act as a rule sniper group.
  2. Sniper, armed sniper rifle small-caliber sports rifle, svg rifle, night vision binoculars, along with group gunners a distance of 500 m or more at night – up to 300 m. Moving wheeled and tracked vehicles sniper detects at night at a distance of more than 1000 m.
  3. Sniper the enemy primarily affects the most important vulnerable targets. Remember that you can be hunted sniper.
  4. Clear benchmarks and frontiers make it easy snipers enemy’s aiming fire. Mask your location, equip 2 – 3 spare positions, change them as often as possible.
  5. Snipers It has been established that it’s possible to provide a good overview. In the city, having a powerful cover group (15 – 20 people), sniper occupies the dominant high-rise buildings,. In small groups (3 – 4 people) sniper occupies a firing position on the lower and middle floors, which facilitates his position change. Always inspect the surrounding area sniper fire place and borrow it.
  6. Sniper It is not covered by a bulletproof vest. Never neglect the arm of the body. When moving or leaving the BTR, do not expose the enemy to vulnerable spots.
  7. Enemy snipers It has been shown that it has been rifle shots with intensive shooting. The beginning of work. snipers.
  8. Sniper groups the enemy, the actress, the coyote, the gunner, the actress, sniper shooters and shooters; when advancing armored vehicles in position sniper group the ambush hits our armored vehicles. Do not find yourself, make fire to kill. A disturbing fire lead only from closed positions.
  9. Favor tactics snipers Formerly prepared sections of the terrain, especially when it was prepared,
  10. Snipers it can be detected during the day. Do not turn on your device, without making sure that the enemy is not inspecting the area using the device.
  11. Continuous duty time enemy snipers in firing position may be different. Firing one or two shots, he changes the firing position. Be attentive when observing. Position change sniper by indirect evidence – it is possible.
  12. Snipers not only from federal troops, but not also from their own. Where do you go snipers. Detectable sniper pairs Shine, noise, steam, motion, shape, etc.
  13. The opponent is cunning and cunning. Him sniper often, for example, you need to appear, for example, near a dead or wounded soldier. When it comes to comrade, be careful, be careful and cautious, stop for you sniper.
  14. When searching sniper Remember, they are a teenager, and a refugee woman. Characteristic bruises on the shoulder give them out.

Source – “Sniper Notepad”

Sniper protection and enemy sniper neutralization

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