Sniper target and live bait method

Day or night, your enemy colleague is always your top priority – enemy sniper, armed with a rifle with a telescopic sight. It is a scourge of peace of mind.

If you are killed in the area. If you manage to remove enemy sniper, then you will dominate the site.

It is a clear threat. Self-defense first. Then, focus on commanders, calculations of group weapons and critical material orders, not necessarily in the specified order. If you are not in the world, For example, I would recommend to “decapitate” the attacking enemy, since weakening interaction has been significantly affected.

However, if the enemy has occupied defensive positions, then the priorities will be commanders, It is not a dramatic effect. Commanders are officers and sergeants, in that order. The most senior officer in sight.

Other Priority Goals.

Group weapons include band-fed machine guns, for example, calculations MANPADS and power grenade launchers, such as Russian AGS-17. They often are more important than ordinary soldiers.

Equipment, radio signaling equipment, radio signaling equipment, radio signaling equipment computer devices and control units. Each material target requires a shot that inflicts maximum damage. For example, anti-tank rocket launcher This will not be significant damage. It is necessary to know how much it is.

Next in the list of priorities – enemy personnel, out of reach of your colleagues – not snipers. Their 5.56 mm bullets fly about 500 yards, and your 7.62 mm bullets can reach targets 500 yards further.

It is not necessary to note the following: all the rest. If you’re alone, you’ll be far beyond the line of sight. However, you can’t passively wait for an important goal or goal.

A fight can provide excellent conditions for sniping, It is unlikely to dispose of it. During the battle, you must try to “remove” as many enemy soldiers.

When the goals are equal,

  • It is located closer to you.
  • It can be missed.
  • It is not close to the landmarks it has been since it hides.
  • Motionless, as it is easier to get on it.
  • It is located next to a reliable shelter.

This process becomes more interesting when you’ve been scored, or, say, “It’s 600 yards but almost invisible?”

There is no universal answer to this question. If you are exposed. Will have to decide on their own.

Live bait

Ordering of destruction. But, as always, there is Sometimes snipers It is a catching live bait.

Everything happens as follows. Sniper chooses an easy target. Usually, this is a target for the bait.

The hunt begins. His comrades begin to flee.

At this moment, the enemy sniper is running. And here, if the commander It may be a loss of interest.

It’s not necessary to get caught in order. sniper trap, but even with his wounded comrade.

You need to understand that against experienced sniper can only act productively experienced sniper! It can be not one and not two.

The options to determine the position sniper for example, from a grenade launcher or a large-caliber machine gun. Well in order to reveal and even more to amaze well disguised sniper positions – even professionals will need a lot of time.

Do not allow antisniper standoff, It’s not a problem.

If necessary, identify sniper position It is possible to see where you can sit down. sniper. Experienced Commander of the United States.

Important! Do not run up to the wounded fighter. Sniper Leave it to the sweetie area.

Drive up to the wounded. armored vehicles (if there is one) sniper affect the situation. If possible, you can’t let them get in and out of the shot. In this case, the rest of the surrounding surrounding territory.

Here it is worth noting that armored vehicles can only be used in the area rocket launchers or another heavy weapons, able to hit armored vehicle.

For the difficulty of work sniper You can use the army smoke. If you’re there, you can’t have been fired quite tightly. In this case, it should be taken for a while. In extreme cases, you can make a small fire. For example, set cone or building.

If a sniper He could not use his body to make up his mind. curtains If you’re losing peace of mind, you can’t get it.

It should be noted that this should be carried out.

It is desirable to use the so-called a cat – It was a loop of rope for the ammunition. It is a good idea to use it.

If you’re stating, you have become a bait, then there are a few moments. If a sniper If you’re looking out for a carriage the dark.

In order to sniper could not clearly catch you in sight.

If you happen to be dusk, you can be dead and wait until nightfall. However, we must bear in mind that sniper – After a short period of time, re-shoot for control.

Sniper bait

The assassination of the group is not to be with folded arms. In case of a situation where you can sniper, in order to distract him from your wounded comrade. This is especially effective when you can sniper hunt the adversary.

Doll bait made from scrap materials using helmets, goggles, hats, balaclava, uniforms, equipment and weapons. For the credibility of the bait as it were placed in a living environment. It can be shown that it can be a bit looser. It must be extremely careful!

Where it’s possible, it’s possible, it’s possible, sniper can fly a grenade launcher or shotgun grenade launcher.

It’s true sniper it is a non-killing bait doll prepared by you. Snipers people are conceited, use it.

Rifle training

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