Sniper training: training, masking, interaction

Among all the modern soldiers, the sniper is in a special position. Border border on fear. This is where it can be taken from the distance with the jeweler accuracy. Sometimes, when the goal itself doesn’t even suspect it.

I think it is necessary to make a small reservation. Sniper sniper strife. Who is considered a sniper? For example, there was a sniper in every motorized infantry unit. The so-called position in the staffing. For all of the fighters GRU was the situation better.

Afgan, and then Chechnya made their adjustments. Snipers more responsibly. Allocate a separate time to conduct tactical exercises. But not all of these “men with a gun” can be called a sniper. Formally, there were many snipers, in reality, not everyone met the standards. Therefore, you can make a profession of his profession.

Translated from English, “sniper” means “accurate shooter on snipe.” In reality, it’s a hunter, invisible, elusive and merciless. Sniper is a representative of a special breed of people. It doesn’t have that boorishness, it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it. A sniper is not a prone to losing composure. If you’re a little bit irritated, you’re prone to skin care. It can be prevented by the breakdown and overwhelm the combat mission. In addition, it can be noted that it is no longer necessary. As they say, blood is a great thing.

So on the initial selection of snipers take people:

  • able to shoot well
  • having good vision (preferably 100%)
  • responsible, disciplined, emotionally balanced
  • not contraindicated in health

Snipers are trained tactically assault group.

Shoot up.

Without this skill, everything else loses its meaning. First of all, the cadet is cited. It has been noted that it has been practiced in practice.

It is a descriptive technique. Eliminate technical flaws, such as blinking at the time of the shot;

To improve the label of shooting.

Exercises for training accuracy

Exercise 1
Shot from the cold barrel

Shooting distance of 100 meters from a prone position. A sniper may be a weapon belt, a bipod, sandbags, or It was a time when the target was sent. It is a fact that it has been taken for a test. It is not the case when the target is shot.

Exercise 2

A group of five shots. It can be seen when it is this exercise. It is designed to test the stability of the rifle, sight, ammunition and gunner.

It is not a satisfactory condition. You must strive to ensure that the group was less than 2.5 cm

There are no limits on the number of shots that can be observed.

Exercise 3
Lying down

When performing this exercise, it should be taken as a reduced-silhouette silhouette target. Snifers to fire with a belt. It can be used for the operation.

If you’re trying to find out what to do, then you’ll be able to find out. With less than 15 cm. Convenience and breathing control in this exercise.

Exercise 4
Team shooting

I love you to get one shot at the head target. This is a commandment. The sniper is already in position and aiming at his target.

Of the center of the target on command. Shooters must be in a circle of 5 cm. The bullets caught in a circle with a diameter of 10 cm will lead to the “death” of the enemy.

Exercise 5
Volley shooting

Each arrow is a goal (paper or three-dimensional head target). A countdown from 5 to 1 is given. On the count of 1, all snipers must simultaneously fire one shot. This exercise is repeated five times.

It should be noted. The instructor monitors the shooters who shoot too early or, conversely, too late. Such arrows “do not know their descent.”

It was a situation when there were several terrorists having to be carried away. If you’re trying to get shelter

Exercise 6
Shooting 200 meters

At the distance of 200 meters, it can be as fast as possible. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Shooting can be carried out with a time limit or on command.

The scattering diameter of 7.5 – 10 cm. May get a scattering group of less than 5 cm in diameter.

Exercise 7
Shooting 300 meters

After five shots of shots, aiming at the chest. Shooting position – lying / from the stop. Snipers must be taken. This is a range of results.

The diameter of 12–15 cm. There are windings of 12 m / s at 5 m / s (12 m / s) at a distance of 300 meters.

Exercise 8
Shooting after load

A popular exercise is shooting after a load. At the target rate of 100-300 meters. Push-ups, body raises and pulse rate.

In case of a shooter, it is a switch.

  • Shooting for a limited time at a normal pace (speed shooting)
  • High-speed fire shooting
  • High-speed shooting
  • High Speed ​​Rush Shooting
  • High-speed shooting with the so-called “turmoil.”

Regardless of the experience of the rifle each sniper must be periodically taken. It is a scandal.


Another important skill is the ability to mask the terrain.

A sniper is a hunter, and therefore must be invisible. Working without disguise, it becomes a victim. Positions often have to choose and equip close to the positions of the enemy. Therefore, there is no need for masking.

Occupy and equip the position should not be only at night. You need to crawl. When equipping a position, you can’t get up not only at full height, but not even at all fours.

In peacetime in the army, the snipers sometimes have their hands and feet. In addition, they are obliged to train themselves up to 50-300 meters in their bellies, pressing themselves into the folds of the terrain. Be sure to conduct training options, equipment and masking positions at night. During the day, there is a display of the errors and shortcomings of such a disguise is made.

In the field, there is a chance to take place in the field. Training in a sniper.

It has been noted that it has been the case that there has been a development of tactical thinking.

Work sniper

During the course of the mission, there are specific combat missions, such as:

  • destruction of the enemy command staff
  • disrupting the organization of the front line of the enemy
  • sniper terror and demoralization of the enemy
  • study of the situation of the enemy,

Snipers can act alone in pairs.

For example, there are small tactical groups, and there are several types of gunners. The gunners were densely fired while the submachine gunners were hunted down.

During the sniper attack, the gunner is the signalman and machine gunners. After that, it becomes uncontrollable.

As part of the police units, the snipers face. It’s a scammer for the situation and instructions on the situation and instructions “from above”. In addition, they must be justified.

He is a Special Forces fighter. A clever commander gives you a clear idea of ​​how to complete a common task. It is not clear that there has been a peril and risk. It is necessary to make sure that it is one shot – one corpse.

Possible sniper threat

  • the sniper usually acts as a group
  • to detect targets up to 500 meters
  • If you’re not
  • it is a scoring situation in the room
  • sniper firing under fire
  • beginning of the sniper
  • sniper groups with a cover group
  • disguised firing positions
  • The secret of the snipers.
  • use your night vision goggles carefully
  • The sniper often uses a “live bait” for the wounded. In such cases, it is necessary to use limited visibility, smoke, terrain, armor, military equipment.
  • It has been noted.
  • It is a peace in the world.

Author: Alex Neronov

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