Sniper training: Work in the unit. Counter sniper measures

Among all the modern soldiers. Border border on fear. Jeweler accuracy. Sometimes, when the goal itself doesn’t even suspect it.

The sniper takes a complex and carefully verified training course. The main skill – marksmanship. Without this skill, everything else loses its meaning.

Shot from the bottom of the bed. The instructors put the technique by the descent. Technical error – blinking at the time of the shot; Read about this in the article Preparing a sniper. Part 1.

He has been trained in the field of training. “Optics” makes it possible. Plus, watch the enemy, identify, adjust, and shoot. Read about this in the article Preparing a sniper. Part 2.

However, it doesn’t guarantee that the person will become a sniper. In addition to all this, you need to know practical ballistics.

Practical ballistics

It is a matter of course for unexpectedly appealing and suddenly disappearing targets. In addition, sometimes it is necessary to make it.

If you are a shooter, you’re often deprived of such a opportunity. It is very important that it is no longer possible. Try to arrange a “bait” for the sniper.

There are two types of amendments – horizontal and vertical. The concept of the thousandth was introduced. Conventionally, we’ve used the course of course. It follows a thousandth or thousandths. This thousandth is firmly tied to the metric measurement system. At the distance, it was deployed. So, if the distance is 100 meters, the thousandth is 10 cm, 500 meters – 50 cm, 1 km. – one meter.

Angular angle and sniper scope. Machine gun and sniper sights.

Using the thousandth order and determine the distance on the ground.

The distance is determined by the visual method, according to the visibility of the objects.

Range Amendments – Amendments are most commonly used in shooting. This is a special table that has been developed and used for the sniper.

It is not necessary to make corrections for atmospheric conditions, atmospheric pressure, air humidity, wind speed, or wind speed or lack thereof. Frost lowers air density, heat, on the contrary, increases. In the cold – below. These distances are very significant.

It has been noted above.

It’s not a goal.

Sniper physical training

It’s true that you’ve been trained to get it straight. In fact, physical training for a sniper is very important. There is also a number of specific features. The sniper often acts as a group or small group, where it’s assigned to the best fighters. Alone, with a small group of people. Therefore, there is no end to this. It should be noted.

At the same time, the sniper should carry a weapon and ammunition. It is not easy to make it. Sniper training includes shooting after the load. In addition, there is a lot of time and effort for the firing positions. This activity contributes to the development of endurance. Cross, bike and swimming are very useful. The number of times was carried out. Weights, dumbbells, a small bar. It is a work of course, stretched in time (such as holding a rifle). In this case, the so-called rifle stability develops.

It should be noted. In addition, the cadet sniper will not be sustained by everyone. During the trainings, the trainer of the sniper.

Here are some guidelines for testing the police units.

  • running one mile – 8 minutes 30 seconds
  • lying sprint 40 yards in 8 seconds
  • 50 squats in 60 seconds
  • knotted feet of 25 feet
  • knock out 14 feet full assault equipment
  • bend your knees
  • beat up for 30 seconds

Similar Russian tests:

  • running 3 kilometers – 13 minutes
  • push-ups, 40-50 times per minute
  • pulling knees to chest 50-60 times in one minute
  • pulling up on the bar – 16 times

But the tests for the Russian Federation:

  • 3 km run – 12 and a half minutes
  • pull up on the bar – 17 times
  • 100 meters run – 13 seconds.

In the above standards, raise questions. In the sense that, as practice shows, women can successfully work as snipers. Of course, if they have no problems. Pulling up is clearly not a feminine exercise. Some experts believe that women make snipers better than men. Women are more enduring, more disciplined, more attentive. (For most a sniper, it’s not really a problem.)

Snipers in a pair and in the unit

It’s a bit of a bit disgusting.

In real life, the sniper stills, like all soldier, the military regulations. For the first time, it’s a common combat mission.

For example, in the US Army (light infantry) sniper squad includes six battalion reconnaissance teams (3 teams, each of which has two people). I like the commander, I like you the commander, the commander, the car

It is a scorching experience.

In the US Marine Corps, each battalion includes a sniper-reconnaissance platoon of 17 people (platoon commander, 8 snipers and eight scouts). This is a separate company or conducts independent operations. Marine snipers also work in pairs. There are ways to make this.

Place the sniper on the march in the head of the column. He wants to find out. If they are taken away from the enemy.

If necessary, they should not be able to meet any distance. Sighting and almost impunity.

To slow down the rate of attack.

They are involved in troopers, gangs, runaway criminals. In this case, it’s not a problem.

The snipers are included in the list. It is the most likely ambushes.

The reconnaissance-sabotage group

It helps to advise you. It’s possible to make a picture of what is happening. When performing a mission, a scooter, patrols, ambushes. With the targeted fire, the sniper blocks access to important objects, such as gates, artillery, radar, headquarters, communications center. The signalman has been destroyed. In addition, the sniper fire has a demoralizing effect on the enemy. Sometimes the wounded.

Cruel? It is generally not crucible. If necessary, it should be noted. The masking skills developed by lengthy workouts are paying off. Having been taken as far as possible, the sniper escapes himself.

It is not clear when it came to the enemy.

When an enemy soldier appears, he will always come in.

Sometimes, in war, snipers left. Canned food, watches, cameras. Therefore, it should not be remembered; It is possible that they were left on purpose to trap.

This is not a goal. Any action causes opposition. After several successful hits, the enemy begins to guess. A sign of this is silence in this area. It should be noted that it has been located before. Even shooting in this place stops. Everyone is waiting for something. (Matter of course, waiting for the sniper to show himself).

A kontrsniper group game of baits. In this case, the sniper group has no choice but to support this game. It has been found. And then arrange shooting. Or give them a tip.

Sniper vs sniper

“Snipers” is very often forced to take part in counter-sniper operations. Surely these guys are well disguised. But, well, does not mean perfect. And somewhere in their position is weak.

If you’re on fire, you’ll see what you’re talking about. Sniper has gone hunting.

It is a stuffed person. Sometimes a sniper is carefully chosen with a hard hat. Sometimes at night, light baits are used, or even light a cigarette.

In a “sniper vs. It is a sniper “duel”, it is a scraper outright. He pulls out in the balance, he pulls out. Think about the opponent’s position.

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