Sniper training: Working with “optics”, useful exercises

Among all the modern soldiers. Border border on fear. Jeweler accuracy. Sometimes, when the goal itself doesn’t even suspect it.

Shoot up.

Without this skill, everything else loses its meaning. First of all, the cadet is cited. It has been noted that it has been practiced in practice.

It is a descriptive technique. Eliminate technical flaws, such as blinking at the time of the shot;

Read the article “Preparing a sniper. Part 1. “It has been trained to use” optics “.

Using an optical sight.

This is an optical sight. It is difficult to see how much it is. “Optics” makes it possible. Plus, watch the enemy, identify, adjust, and shoot.
However, shooting with “optics” is harder than using an open sight. Moreover, it is a paradoxically sound.

Most often, the armies of the world provide an increase of 3.5-4.5 times. Mauser Gewehr 98 High-precision rifles, equipped with optical sights with an increase of 2.5 times. And that was quite enough. Of course, the Germans also had sights with a tenfold increase, however, such sights were used only by outstanding masters.

Turning out the shooter suddenly, it’s not better, but worse. “The jumps” in the field of sight. Follow it up to “catch on” for it. There is a “target”. “Follows the shooter is trying harder and harder, because of what the goal“ jumps ”even more.

Only professionals of the highest qualification are able to use “optics” with a large increase, and even then, using a stop (for example, in ambush). This is a contraindicated snipers group. Medium-level shooters use low light magnification.

Shooter makes life harder for shooter.

If you’re working with an “optics” field, it should not be completely clean.

The eye should be brought closer to the eyepiece gradually. The border becomes clearly visible. For this arrow it will be a working distance between the eye and the sight. In the future. You can carry it on the binoculars.

Development and improvement of shooting skills

Shooter methodically, trying to “remember” the shooter methodically, trying to “remember” Periodically, after 2-3 shots, shooter shots of the combat

If you’re trying to find out what you’re trying to do. However, when using the same body exercise, it is used and stopped responding. New stimuli are needed.
For training experienced snipers use the following exercises.

“Sniper Qualification”

Two growth targets set at an unknown distance (from 400 to 600 meters). It is clear that it is a scrapping of the sniper pair.

“Shooting at small targets.”

Distance from 500 to 600 meters. Sniper pair is on the firing line. An easily destroyed object (for example, a brick) is used as a target. Hand rests cannot be used. On signal, you need to hit the target as quickly as possible. The number of shots is $ 10.

“Police. Team shooting

Distance from 150 to 200 meters. On the target affected area. On command, two snipers shoot simultaneously. This is a shot from within the first shot. The result is estimated by the number of points.

“Police. Shooting at small targets with an approach

The distance is 150-200 meters. 3 circular targets (diameter 70 mm). If you are going to reach the bottom of the 3 line. To complete the exercise is given 1 minute.

“Night Shooting”

The sniper pair needs to find enemy soldiers at an unknown distance (600-900 meters) in a given area. 3 growth targets with affected areas are highlighted by kindled fire. A total of 5 shots are given. At the same time snipers should not be detected. The use of bullets with illumination is prohibited.
(variety – it is a low-lit ball, one sniper fires. At the same time, the number of shots is unlimited).

“Night sniper ambush”

Sniper couple from ambush makes observation. After the signal is at a distance of 100 meters, at a distance of 5 km / hour, the ball imitates the head. A sniper pair must hit a dummy (conditional opponent). Having passed 200-300 meters, the model will disappear from sight.

“Defensive fight sniper pair”

The distance is up to 1000 meters, the distance is up to 1000 meters, the distance is up to 1000 meters. After the first shot, it will be able to take the sniper pair (5 targets) at a distance of 250 to 500 meters. The number of shots is unlimited.
The number of shots. The assignment has been evaluated.

“Sniper in the attack”

At a distance of 600 meters, 800 meters, 1000 meters are the signalman. The task of the sniper pair is to destroy all 3 targets in turn. 1000 m – a ball with a diameter of 400 mm, 800 m. – a ball with a diameter of 300 mm, 600 m – a brick. Target display time is limited. The assignment has been spent on the number of shots.

“Sniper ambush”

The distance moves up to 500 m., A car moves at a speed of 30 km / h. The ball in the car imitates the head of the enemy commander. Having passed 250-300 m, the car disappears from sight. From a distance of 350 m. After the first shot, 5, the speed of 5-7 km / h. 50m for 50 meters to the firing line.
The task of the sniper has been made.

“Tactical sniper duel”

Exercise is performed by 2 sniper pairs. At a distance of 1500 meters, 2 different balloons of 400 mm in diameter are installed (for each pair there is a different color). The ball of the ball is being fired on. The number of shots is unlimited. Competitive sniper pairs shoot at a reasonable distance for themselves. Any maneuvers are allowed. The exercise ends, the task is considered unfulfilled. To observe the judges can use any optical devices. Time to complete limited 30 minutes. The assignment is evaluated by the time spent.

“Shooting at the ordered distance”

Competitors must march, moving to the control point. Each sniper pair chooses a distance independently. The minimum target visibility distance is 650 m. If you want, you can’t take 30 minutes to complete your goal.
Spending the smallest number of rounds.
The measured distance is calculated (1 meter of distance).

It has been empirically established that it didn’t exceed 2.5 – 3 hours. Otherwise, it’s so-called “overtraining”, it appears and then increases.

Observation training

Every sniper is also a bit of a scout. If you want to get a target fire. Wait for the right moment or signal to attack. For the enemy (for example, for his counter-sniper group). His goal is for the mortal hour. More often they are masked using the slightest opportunity. For even the most minor deviations, for example, Slightly swayed branch, despite the fact that there is no wind? So there was a man there. Somewhere in the distance there was an extra Christmas tree? So, in this place something is disguised. Crushed grass? So, quite recently someone had passed in this place.

Sniper must train observant. Moreover, the time for this he has. There are more than half a day.

Before the sniper spreads: stones, buttons, cartridges, cigarettes, watches, compass, chevrons, stars from epaulets. The sniper is still mutexed. After that, provocative questions follow. What kind of cartridges / cigarettes? How many buttons were there? How long did the clock show? This will be the case for example, of course, change.

Then the lesson is carried out in nature. It makes it possible to take a look at the field of choice. After that, the sniper has to change. Gradually increase the distance (from 100 to 300 meters)

Then, it is already possible to watch the terrain for searching, for disguised positions.

Experienced snipers, reinsuring themselves in advance from their collegues “It’s a real battleground.

Author: Alex Neronov

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