Snow and Negligence:

Morning. Typically Odessa courtyard. One neighbor is another:
– Tsilya Solomonovna, did you get sick?
– What makes you think of it, Rivačka?
“Half an hour ago I saw a doctor leaving your apartment!”
– Rivochka, when he came out of his apartment, he had begun shouting!

The article of the Journal of the Survivor

Snow and negligence

And what is my dear friends? This is a tapericha and the day is longer, and the spring is closer, and the frost is not so hot. You can take it away from your neck. And here you are all so purposeful passersby. Delon or even a northern berserk. If you are a woman, she has

In the morning, you can’t let you go. “You have” kha-hrrr-fhh. It is a horror film. It was a complete constriction of the striptease. Yes, that’s right, the reason is found. Congratulations!

It wasn’t any wind. the way, we’ll remember after a while). It is yours to “wind it up and down” hard and clearly provoked the indisposition. You have a cold. Yes, it’s a cold. Yes, this is how it feels like throat hurts, its head is spinning. And, you know, your grandmothers recipes, Kalinka-Malinki, eggnog, well, or at the worst, call a doctor. I’m trying to dial into the clinic, I’m

So, we dance from the stove


His first hat is now a little man. Earlier they wrapped them in diapers, now they are wearing hats. Not for the sake of mimicity and frames for bragging. It is most likely that they will be able to get cold. If you haven’t noticed, you can’t get a heat-insulating layer. The same brain (yes, it is the head) is located under the thin layer of skin. Hepothermia, headache is. It can be difficult to eliminate the baby. This is, say, a lightweight version. Do not talk about pediatric diagnoses, okay?

Go ahead. There are two ways to shake a bullet. We agreed on a headache, now ears. As a result, you can get a mysteriously combinated ear-nose-throat doctor’s eye. If you remember, “otherwise you’ll inflate your ear”? That’s it, it is just the opposite. For each pair, there is a little bit of heat.

Well, I didn’t want to take off my hat? That’s the same thing.


It is a tribute to fashion accessory. Loose fitting clothing. Well, the neck is closed. This item of clothing are undoubted:

  • Of course, fashionable. Color, texture, size – all optional
  • If it is a raincoat
  • To tie the child, for example
  • By the collar of cheerful friends.
  • There is some kind of protection though. Although the mask has not been canceled
  • It is not only the back of the neck.

Well, it still creates the heat, warms the outside. Do you agree?


The advantage of boots over sandals in the winter, no one in doubt. It is not a good idea. It is a skillful way to make sure you’ve been able to make sure you’re not a problem. shoes – it is much easier to get sick. It is recommended that you take care of your skin; prevent the spread of shoe amber.

Consequences of hypothermia and control

Temperature, sore throat, runny nose, cough, ear symptoms. To prevent this, we do the following:

  • Immediately upon arrival home doing contrasting hand baths. Or take turns in cold or hot water. Change at least 10.
  • It is a good cup of tea for you.
  • Float legs, well, or if you are a fan – a hot bath. It is possible with sea salt, it is possible with grapefruit oil – it tones well, and the aroma is pleasant.

This is to say preventive measures. If this process is already “started” – we pull up heavy artillery:

  • Warm abundant drink – teas with linden flowers, raspberries; decoctions of chamomile, wild rose, currant leaves; cranberry juice, cranberry.
  • There was a cough swab throat diluted eucalyptus tincture of 15-20 drops on? a little eucalyptus stimulates it. We also make drinking more interesting – hot milk with mineral water (“Borjomi” for example) or warm beer. And tasty and healthy. Teas – Kalinovye, you can dry the cough. Well, vitamin C is always useful. Recipe, find out what you prefer.
  • Yes, bed rest! But with frequent airing – you also need clean air. Read the book, which has been postponed.

It will be noted that the joints will increase, and the vomiting may increase. Here we unequivocally follow the recommendations. We can’t use any other formulations in the pharmacology. It is better not to risk it.

And if the flu?

You can understand this for a 1 hour period; weakness and dizziness; up to the ends of the hair, hurts; and I want to be left alone now and forever. Recommendations are the doctor, drink and clean air. Yes, and sneeze in response to Max from work.

But seriously, it can be very serious – from bronchitis to rheumatism. Therefore, please do not hesitate. It can be a question. Believe me, this is the next joke about you. And bless you!

Ill millionaire. Relatives gathered at the bedside:
– Tell me, doctor, is there any hope?
– Absolutely no! He has a common cold …

Snow and negligence

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