Snow path: what is a mini snowmobile?

Winter is the most difficult period for survival. Moreover, the conditions relate not only to climatic conditions, but also the movement. It is very unlikely that you will be able to travel. Police car kits can not stand.

Many snowmobiles (Buran, Lynx, Taiga, Kayur, Yamaha, Arctic Cat), tracked all-terrain vehicles (Berkut, Elk, Kattenkrad “,” Viking “) and motor -towing vehicles (” Raida “,” Rex “,” Laika “).

It is easy to choose the type of winter transport. It has been purchased. It is not always convenient to transport it.

Off-roading is the “karakat”. It is a three-or-four-wheel drive vehicle. It is a carriage of the cataract. The dirt of these monsters is also uneasy. It is enough to have a driver driver’s license.

It is not necessary to make your own “from the assembly line.” In a separate category distinguish the so-called mini snowmobiles, or snow scooters. Do you need to take a look at the snowman. Also, snow scooters do not need to register. They are lightweight, fuel efficient and manoeuvrable. They are also easier to transport.

This is the snow scooter “TESIK”. The manufacturer is TechnoElectroService Ltd. in Tolyatti. This moped has one big advantage over motorcycle towers. The design of the “TESIK” is a vehicle that has been displaced, which significantly increases the traction with snow. Motor-tugs often have to be additionally loaded with something. Also, “TESIKA” under the seat of the passenger. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6. That is, the snow blower can travel 40-60 kilometers with one refueling. Differs “TESIK” and its reliability, since its engine starts quickly even in severe frost.

Components of a snow blower

Power unit includes engine Subaru EP-17 6 hp mounted on the frame In addition, the steering wheel is mounted on the frame. The front beam is designed with sprung skis and steering. The engine is mounted on a tubular frame, on which suspension elements and tracks are also mounted.

Characteristics of Tesic Snowmobile

  • Gross weight 65 kg.
  • Fuel consumption 1.5 l / h
  • Engine power 6 or 7 l / s
  • The maximum speed of 20-25 km / h
  • Full load when driving in dense snow 200 kg
  • Assembly time 2-3 minutes.
  • Disassembled transported in any passenger car.

There are many similar mini snowmobiles for example. As the old saying goes, “Prepare a sleigh in the summer!“And then your task is to choose, make, or seek out, self-designing your snowmobile falls. Moreover, summer is about to come =)


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