Social Survival: Civil Police

Editorial entry. We remind that the author’s ideas do not always and not in all coincide with the opinion of the editorial staff. However, any opinion has the right to be voiced. And from any material you can extract useful information. So read and carefully filter. Very carefully.

Public safety

I think we all understand that a good country cannot be called a state that passively encourages dissociation and decline in society. Therefore, the task of any leadership is to ensure the most favorable development of their country and its people by any available means.

Before we revive our country and build a just society, we must cleanse it of all the abomination of desolation, of all the evil accumulated in it, which has parasitized in our country for so many years.

But today, security services and law and order, to put it mildly, do not quite cope with the responsibilities assigned to them. Often, the resources of the security forces are so reduced that they simply cannot act effectively. So it turns out that the staff security agencies instead of eradicating crime from the streets of our cities, we are forced to engage in “paperwork” sitting in classrooms day after day.

As we all understand, the highest priority for any legal state should always remain its citizens. Here I, perhaps, should make a remark and explain who can be considered full citizen. A citizen is a person who observes the laws of his country and leads a law-abiding social life, observing the moral and ethical standards adopted throughout society. (Editor’s note – author’s definition. In jurisprudence use another). Well, since it is citizens who are an integral part of the state, it is on them that all the responsibility for what is happening in their country lies.

We all understand that fighting crime – not an easy job. With legal methods it is sometimes impossible to fight effectively. That even if criminals are held criminally liable, it takes some time and they are free again. Moreover, the effectiveness of their correction remains highly questionable. It can be assumed that released criminal the element becomes more cunning and prudent, knowing the many legal loopholes in the law. Also, criminals who have served a sentence, there is a lot of connections and acquaintances associated with the criminal world. I’m not talking about the whole layer of criminal culture, which is promoted, including on the Internet. Such “favorable” conditions often lead to relapses, that is, to a person committing a repeat crime.

It is necessary to take into account the factor that the increase in crime in the country is the higher, the greater the injustice and the opportunities to go unpunished. Also on the criminal path of a person can push the desire to possess those for which he lacks the funds. And if a person understands that he is more likely not to be caught, then at some point he may decide to commit an offense, although he was not going to do it initially.

As for ordinary citizens, at that moment, when a person is face to face with the criminal arbitrariness, he often finds himself alone. In such cases, next to him there is no one who would help neutralize the offender and prevent, thereby, a crime. In fact, it turns out that citizens themselves have to defend themselves against crime. There are many cases where at the time of the apparent commission of a crime, people passing by do absolutely nothing. Our laws are so imperfect, so differently interpreted by judges that you can easily from a savior and a fighter against crime, turn into the same felon.

In my previous article on women’s self-defense, I already cited an incident that happened to my friend. Helping a woman to fight off a criminal, in the eyes of the police, he automatically turned into an even worse criminal. And if it were not for the favorable circumstances confirming the validity of the actions of my friend, then everything could end in regret.

I think it is needless to say that crime in any state is a destabilizing factor hindering its full development. Crime only burdens the state and society with unnecessary expenses that could be spent on other social needs. And if the state fails to fully engage in ensuring public order and security, then the citizens themselves must do so. As far as their strength and capabilities, of course.

Civil police

In the conditions when law enforcement agencies are not able to cope with their obligations, these authorities must be assumed by responsible citizens. In this regard, there is Federal Law No. 44-FZ “On the participation of citizens in the protection of public order”. After its adoption in many cities there were so-called voluntary national teams.
After reviewing the activities of these teams, I came to the following conclusion. Although the activities of these teams have a beneficial effect on the situation in the city and urban areas, but still such a formation is ineffective. These squads consist mainly of people of either young age or elderly women, and rarely when normal mature men and guys. You understand that such squads do not make any impression on offenders. And even if the vigilantes succeed in stopping any offense, then it is not much that the offenders themselves frighten and certainly do not stop them from repeating the crime.

Unlike our realities, in the USA there is a so-called “civil police“, Consisting mainly of middle-aged men who did military service in hot spots and who have with them firearms. They patrol the streets of their cities in real combat gear, with real charged military weapons and with quite serious intentions to fight against all criminal arbitrariness.

We all know how much our state is afraid of its own armed people, and therefore under no circumstances will it allow light-armed people to stroll through the streets of cities civil patrols. They are better able to put up with the crime situation and the thousands of ruined lives of their own citizens than allow citizens to protect their own security. Indeed, at some point, citizens can understand that the danger, including, comes from the snickering corrupt officials themselves, some of whom are very closely connected with the criminal world.

But despite this, we still consider below the creation of a similar organization called “Civil police“.

This organization should consist of ordinary citizens of the country who have served in the armed forces or people in retirement. Citizens who join the organization must be in good health and in good physical shape.

Patrols civil police should consist of people who, based on personal principles, considered their civic duty to protect the country and its people from crime. In turn, our society must show respect and reverence for such people and strongly support their initiative.

Civilian police officers who have completed a preparatory course of training may patrol residential areas of their cities. Monitor the rule of law, prevent offenses and misbehavior of other citizens.

Since most of the crimes in the country occur in the evening or at night, it is advisable to conduct patrols of city streets and districts at the same time. Even a working person will not be allowed to spend at least one hour and walk in the evening as part of a patrol in his area.

Thus, after some time, ordinary people will know that the area is patrolled in the evenings civil police, and the temptation to commit an offense will be kept to a minimum. The criminal element must understand that society is against crime and does not accept any manifestation of it.

Needless to say, any employee civil police it will be necessary to constantly monitor the legality of the actions committed by them. This is due to the fact that they will have to clearly distinguish the approach in working with law-abiding citizens and those who have committed or are only going to commit an offense.

Citizens who will patrol their districts should constantly remember that those who commit criminal acts are members of the public like all other people. Nevertheless, I believe that offenders should be treated fairly hard, uncompromisingly and decisively.

Primary activity civil police should be aimed at protecting citizens, respecting the rule of law and preventing all criminal activities throughout the cities and the country as a whole.

Needless to say patrols civil police should be clearly guided by the laws of our country and under no circumstances violate them. Otherwise, it will be fraught with consequences for the employees themselves. civil police.

Patrols civil police in no case should not provoke a conflict when dealing with offenders, but on the contrary, direct all efforts to prevent it. If a person is suspected of criminal intent, his further negative actions should be prevented – neutralized and a police outfit called.

Every employee civil police is obliged only to faithfully serve his people, since for him there is no higher priority than to guard the security of his state. AT civil police should serve people passed through rigorous selection, possessing the highest moral and moral qualities of the person, not previously tarnished by their human dignity and honor.

After the applicants go through a thorough and rigorous examination, the best candidates will be selected from among them, who will take up their duties after the basic training.

It should include:

  • Rendering the first medical and pre-medical aid.
  • The basic course in hand-to-hand combat, the techniques of which are aimed at localizing the threat posed by the offender or the criminal.
  • Familiarization with the articles of the criminal code relating to self-defense and the necessary self-defense.
  • Handling special means.

All employees civil police should be patriots of the country and their people. The highest priority for each employee civil police must be concepts of honor and conscience, law and order.

Over time, society will need to have a full understanding of the importance of the necessary and complex work that will be done by people serving in civil police.
Once again I want to remind you that the patrols civil police should be engaged in the prevention and prevention of crimes. Civil police should be responsible for ensuring public order, identifying offenses and crimes, as well as for transferring detained offenders to law enforcement agencies. Patrols civil police should only carry out a preventive function, everything else should be performed by qualified and trained law enforcement officers.


Often, the very social situation prevailing in our society creates conditions in the state that encourage people to commit crimes.

The emergence of crime has its origin from the defeat of the disease of lack of will or inaction state institutions. It also affects the low level of the habitat of our society, forcing desperate people to commit unlawful acts. In most cases, it is not the person himself who becomes a criminal, but the environment in which he exists that gives him the opportunity to commit criminal acts.

Therefore, the main meaning of the eradication of crime should not be to constantly fight and confront it, but to find and understand its origins, and then finally destroy their own disastrous essence! The state needs to identify and destroy the very cause of the disease, and not to fight the newly emerging foci of the disease, which in fact are only its consequences. We need to prevent precisely the very cause of the majority of crimes committed, and not to understand the consequences that poison our society, thereby hindering and hindering its harmonious development! And all this needs to be done in such an effective and uncompromising manner that once and for all even the very concept of crime is eliminated!

In order for us to eradicate crime in our country, first of all we need to create such conditions in society, under which the commission of most types of crimes will be not only impossible, but also meaningless. And for this, the state must create a system in which the commission of crimes will lose all reasonable sense and value.
It is necessary to completely eradicate the entire cultural basis of the criminal world, as well as all the components on which it rests. Herself society structure should prevent the birth and development of this severe disease in him. We should forever get rid of all those negative social factors in which citizens of our country are more likely to embark on the criminal path.

In order to fix all this, the most humane conditions for the life and development of all our citizens must be created in our country. Well, all those who do not wish to start a righteous and honest lifestyle, must wait for such harsh and harsh punishments, which would once and for all stop at the root, all criminal activity.

Self understanding order in the country should be guaranteed not by the abundance and complexity of the laws adopted, but by the simplicity of their comprehension, as well as by the inevitability of their observance and implementation. Our state should tirelessly carry on propaganda, the meaning of which should be that it would be much more beneficial for any citizen of the country to lead an honest and respectable lifestyle than to commit any offenses. But this will happen only if all citizens of our country, without exception, are provided with all social guarantees and conditions.

We need to punish as hard as possible those criminals who continue to commit various offenses, contrary to all laws and norms adopted in our society. Every person and citizen should clearly understand that an inevitable punishment, which will not have a statute of limitations, will follow for the crime committed by him.

Every criminal must understand that the crime he committed will not go unpunished, that each of them will be followed by inevitable retribution. All citizens of our country should clearly understand that any crime committed against them is a devastating evil that is completely and completely directed against the development of our state. Before a person commits a crime, he must clearly understand that, first of all, he commits it against himself, as well as against his loved ones.

Civil institutions

In our power to create and revive the old civil institutions, whose activities will be aimed at ensuring public safety. Moreover, the state itself can safely rely on such people. Patrols civil police can be attracted for the duration of mass public events, for prospecting, for the localization of man-made and natural disasters, etc.

It is important to understand the level of individual responsibility that will be assigned to each employee. civil police. Patrolling your area, each employee GM is obliged to act aggressively, boldly and decisively, in order to prevent any offense by other citizens. And never to forget that all actions must be correlated and aimed at ensuring public safety. Perhaps it is our actions with you that will positively affect the final eradication of crime!

I can assume that law enforcement officers, to put it mildly, disapprove of the creation of such public organization. This is understandable. Nobody wants that it was unclear who loomed in front of their nose, much less took over the initiative. But if you start to think more broadly, then there is nothing wrong with creating such a social institution. Moreover, there are already precedents for the creation of such structures that have shown themselves on the positive side. What is wrong if law-abiding citizens themselves want to keep order in the places where they live?

Personally, I think that the main duty of the police should be the duties related to the protection of public safety. Therefore, in their daily work, the planned system for detecting, recording and solving crimes should be completely abolished, since the main criterion should be not the number of detained offenders, but guidance in our cities, and in the country as a whole, full order and security.

The laws that are applied in our country to ensure its security should be tightened as much as possible, and their understanding should be simplified so that every citizen of our state is aware of the responsibility that he bears before his homeland. After all, the more severe and inevitable the punishment is, the harder the laws are, the less willing will be to violate them. Such harsh measures should lead to the fact that people have no desire or incentive to commit offenses, followed by punishment that is not commensurate with them. Those who will continue to commit senseless crimes will carry the most severe punishments, being a vivid example for others that will only enhance the implementation of fair laws.

To create a strong state, it must be created legal society, consisting of law-abiding, respectable and honest citizens, among whom there is no place for criminals. Our state must wage a relentless and implacable struggle with the criminal element that has parasitized our country for many years. Such cruel laws aimed at ensuring security can exist only in a truly popular and just state, where all power is under complete control socially responsible public.

What is social community? These are citizens who need to remember that we are all directly involved in what is happening in our country, since we are its integral part. Therefore, the constant public condemnation and censure of criminal acts should serve as an additional preventive measure for influencing irresponsible citizens prone to committing various offenses.

We must understand the clear connection with the fact that minor offenses that remain unpunished, later develop into significant and criminal offenses. It is the indifference of the public masses that gives rise to the unfavorable social and criminal environment that we observe day by day. Further development depends on us. civil society and its institutions.

Every citizen of the country, at any time and in any way available to him, should consider it his direct duty to report a crime being prepared or committed to the service. public order. At the same time, any citizen who informed the police about violations of the rule of law must be ensured complete security, as well as a guarantee of his anonymity.

That is why the government should strongly encourage the emergence of cities civil police, which will work closely with law enforcement agencies and, if necessary, will be able to provide timely possible assistance.

Many of us have given up bad habits. Many of us began to lead a healthy lifestyle and engage in various sports and outdoor activities. So let’s take another step towards civil society. Let’s secure the streets of our cities. Let the criminals and the entire criminal element know that citizens are patrolling the streets of their cities.

Many of us served in the military or in security forces. We already have the skills to combat the criminal element. Create patrols civil police, procure uniforms, communications equipment and everything that will effectively prevent various offenses.

And do not wait for help or encouragement from the state. No need to complain that your wives and children cannot independently get home from work or study in the evening. Understand that no one except you needs them, that no one but you will protect them! Keep your neighborhoods and streets safe on your own and on your own. Do not sit mindlessly in the evenings at the TV or computer, and engage in this masculine affair.

Communicate with your precinct, contact the nearest police department, and if necessary, contact your local government and put them before the fact. Let all of them know that there are people who deeply care about what happens in their city or district. Even this circumstance alone will make the civil service work more efficiently and begin to listen to the opinions of its socially active citizens.

The material is based on the chapters from the book “My World”

Editor’s note: As always – our opinion may not coincide with the opinion of the author, so we remind once again – always filter everything that has been read. Learn the laws yourself. Do not blindly follow someone else’s ideas, no matter how colorful and attractive they would look. Better to cross than to prove that you are not a camel.

Social Survival: Civil Police

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