SOCP Dagger

From the Editor: SOCP – an abbreviation for the Special Operations Combat Program, a special program to improve the level of training for special forces. In the development of the program, borrowed a number of recognizable movements and techniques of Krav Maga and Kali, and including the technique of working with impact and cold weapons (Kubotan, daggers, etc.), was directly involved Greg Thompson, quite famous and experienced friend. He, in fact, later created his own system for this system. combat knife Benchmade SOCP Dagger, which will be discussed below.

But first it is important to note that this is not knife in the usual sense (read more on this in this article).

SOCP Dagger is a highly specialized tool, the main function of which is to keep the enemy at a distance, eliminate the battle in the pit, break the distance and get to the firearm. Of course, a combat knife (we will still call him that) perfectly fulfills the functions assigned to him (namely, to prick and pierce), and extremely bad, all the rest.

Hence the tactical features of the application SOCP Dagger. For example, how and where to wear, or how to use a combat knife and a pistol at the same time. But first…

Part 1. Wearing a SOCP Dagger

List of equipment used:

  • Training version of the SOCP Dagger (because red is better seen in the photo)
  • Trousers 5.11 Tactical Pant
  • Shirt 5.11 Taclite Pro
  • Gloves Mechanix CG Framer

Let’s start with the impressions. SOCP combat knife – the thing is really interesting, ergonomically thought out, and comfortable when combined with short-barreled weapon. Not with all the ways to grip, of course, but you can find a comfortable position for yourself.

The knife is very comfortable to wear. You can fix it anywhere, anywhere. Perhaps the only drawback can be called the fact that the sheath, and specifically – the place of contact of the clip (its clamping part) with the sheath need some work. Otherwise, there is a chance not to pull the knife out of the scabbard, but the knife along with the scabbard, if you secure it to some kind of thin fabric.

Wearing options – the sea is bottled. If you have molle lines on your equipment, it will take root there as if it has been for the rest of its life.
For example, there are exactly as many accommodation options on a playcrier as a sling:

The same applies to the warbels:

Or bags that have a molle fastening system (in this case Rush Bag):

But the same bags are not limited to the same lines, and if you have an overlay on the bag’s belt, then you can fasten it like this:

In the same way easy and convenient combat knife can be mounted on clothes. I will immediately explain a little why I used tactical clothing. The fact is that there is no fundamental difference, except that there are more pockets. So, more opportunities to carry a knife. For the same reason, I took a not very ordinary shirt.

So here. Trouser mount:

Fastening on outer clothing depends on whether you have a jacket or shirt, and where the pockets are located. On the shirt you can wear it like this:

Similarly, you can wear in a jacket, if you have a chest pocket type “Napoleon”.

You can place the knife on the body, as a cervical knife:

See for yourself – knife can be placed anywhere and in any way. And with all this, he manages not to interfere in any of the provisions (the main thing is to correctly fit).

Steel arms

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