SODIS – disinfection of water by sunlight

In many countries, it’s more valuable than cartridges, gasoline or oil. If you are a woman, it is a natural disasters.

It is most importantly, water disinfection, for so much of something, you definitely do not need. The World Health Organization has been approved. water disinfection, fuel economy and gives other vital tips. And one of their recommendations is SODIS, which translates as “disinfection using sunlight.”

It has been found that it has been taken for direct sunlight. Everything. Seriously, damn it. There is no additional boiling, – just a plastic bottle, sun and patience. Sounds unbelievable? For me personally, yes. However, it has been possible to study the opposite. But how does it work?

Three factors of disinfection work – high temperature (sometimes up to 50 degrees), ultraviolet radiation and activation of oxygen radicals. It is therefore extremely destructive, water disinfection turns out to be extremely effective.

Uniqueness SODIS it is clear that it can be easily exposed to sunlight. Therefore, it can be safely called a panacea. And because of this, WHO recommends using this method. water disinfection the country of the world.

But he has his own peculiarities, which must be taken into account. So.

  • Bottles must be strictly transparent and made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Glass, polyvinyl and polycarbonate absorb ultraviolet rays, so for solar water disinfection not suitable.
  • Bottles should be clean, smooth and, if possible, free from wear. Scratch radiation gets to inside.
  • Water must be filtered. It can be enough to remove the particles. SODIS almost 50 percent. Using the simplest sand filter is quite enough.
  • It is better to water. Thirds, vigorously close the lid and shake it. It will be possible to create the smallest air bubbles in the water.
  • When plastic is heated, toxic substances can get into the water. Yes they can. It was determined by the WHO. This is evidenced by Swiss Federal Laboratories (EAWAG).
  • This way water disinfection water in water. Industrial effluents, heavy metals and other filth will remain.
  • The required exposure time. The best thing SODIS It works between 35 degrees north and south latitude. There 6 hours is more than enough. If the sun shines brightly.
  • Placing bottles on light or reflective surfaces.

Now about the minuses of the method. SODIS strongly tied to the weather. This is not an uncommon effect. Water can not be stored for a long time – once in the shade, the microorganisms are lost. If you are not ready for a long period of time, you’ll have

However, this method water purification Almost perfect for the conditions of Africa, South America and Central Asia. Yes, and may be used. If you’re looking for a firewood, it would be a bit harder to find out and find out what it was. But forget about SODIS still not necessary.

SODIS &# 8212; water disinfection by sunlight

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