SOG Tsunami: An old, kind, proven knife

It so happens that the firm SOG recently found itself on the sidelines of the world knife industry. And she is to blame for this. Initially SOG they made suitable combat knives, and tried not to be clever enough, and made canonical bowie, their drop-point reading, well, very interesting daggers and daggers. But at some point they tried to follow the general trends, and began to originate. The problem is that they could not find their own style and individuality. Even could not get out at the expense of technology or designs. That is, their knives never found such a bright piece that they would just become remembered. Neither to Benchmade nor to Spyderco, nor even to Cold Steel (and it would seem that it could be duller) they do not fall short.

As a result, new models have SOG no longer for a long time (more precisely, even if they are, then no one pays attention to them). Well, it must be borne in mind that due to bad legislation, we have a lot of knives not represented at all in the market (well, yes, of course, I’ll buy my beloved normal Adra, and she will immediately go for 50 people with a knife, of course). And it seems that at the moment SOG exists and survives only at the expense of old and time-tested (and buyers) models. Because the new models of the same folding knives are mostly reminiscent of Chinese folk art, rather than someone’s rational creative thought.

But it is about the classics and the “old fund” today that will be discussed. SOG Tsunami.

  • Overall length: 283 mm.
  • Blade length: 163 mm.
  • Blade thickness: 4.2 mm.
  • Blade processing: Satin finish
  • Cutting edge: Plain
  • Steel: Aus 8
  • Steel hardness: 57-58 HRC
  • Weight: 175 gr.
  • Handle: Kraton®
  • Sheath: Cordura Nylon®

Tsunami – This is one of the classic models of the company. SOG. Older than hers are only the classic Tech Bowie, Ranger and Pentagon.

That is characteristic, despite the external sizes, knives from SOG – this is not a crowbar. That is, despite the fact that overall Tsunami quite comparable to CS Recon Tanto, comparing them by functionality is incorrect. Recon Tanto is a battle scrap. With which you can unzip a tank, cut down a pole, and bring your opponent wrong.

Tsunami in this sense, it is much simpler, its main function is to inform the wrongful citizens of wrongfulness. That is, it is a pure combat knife, with minimal economic potential. More precisely, as a household appliance, it is an ordinary, good knife. Comfortable, functional. But as a bivouac, there is a continuous file. Why? Its design simply did not include the function of heavy chores. This is a purely combat knife. Intended and created primarily for battle.

Unfortunately, in Russia, the knife is sold a bit “castrated”. The original has a guard with an emphasis under the fingers. In the “Russified” version (by the way, knives SOG for Russia have a distinct index “R”) it is absent. In principle, outwardly this does not spoil the knife, it doesn’t affect the functionality much, although of course it would be more convenient with an emphasis, but also not so bad. The handle is still very comfortable, not slippery.

The knife turned out quite easy. 175 grams, suprotiv approximately similar in size (purely visual) CS Recon Tanto with its quarter kilo. For this it is worth saying thanks to the high and very strongly concave descents. True to ease, he also played a very small shank, because of which the knife did not become a crowbar. But when you take a knife of this size in your hand, you expect a much more tangible weight. And it is not.

Separately please complete the sheath. Have SOG There are two options, one of the kaidex, which I do not advise anyone, and the second, the classic one, of cordura. With fastening on a belt / vest / rps / anywhere. This is the right option. Perhaps the only thing that can be (and it would be nice) to change it is to remove it from the Velcro handle release and put a good reliable button. The rest of the sheath is big bulky, reliable with a plastic insert and a pocket under the grindstone. The latter is of course more marketing excesses, but all the same. The knife, as you understand, is both out of size, and from a format that is absolutely not for urban wear, and for this reason such sheath does not cause any frustration. If suddenly, you have to wear it in the city, then the sheath will have to do to order. For if native kaydeksnye fall, then throw them out. Not obtained from SOG normal sheath of this type. Mini-Pentagon to that an unequivocal confirmation.

What is the result? The result was a knife, which is currently inferior. They can not open the tank, it is better not to cut them old cedars, all that he knows how to cut and prick. But he does it very well.


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