Solar Power Tent: Harnessing Nature’s Energy

Solar Power Tent: Harnessing Nature's Energy

Although camping should be a time when we should get away from as many modern comforts as possible, there are some things we can not do without. Having a source of energy while in the forest can mean crawling around batteries and other tools we need just to survive, and that can make camping more of a nuisance than necessary. But there have been many developments in the camp world that can help us feel safer while we grind it, and one of those inventions is the solar energy store.

Not only does it provide you with a source of light when your fire is off, but it also harnesses the power of the sun so you do not have to carry any additional power source. It allows you to live outside the network without affecting the environment around you.

Solar energy while camping is nothing new, but portable solar cell power means, especially if you want to store energy, can also be very manageable so that some people can handle them, and they can occupy more space than others need. , more important supplies. By having the solar cells on the surface of your store, you do not need to worry about the extra volume.

Solar Power Tent: Harnessing Nature's Energy

People have brought solar systems in the past to help energize their camps, and there are even camping sites that provide energy for an additional cost, but there is nothing more satisfying than being self-sufficient with their energy needs and at the same time helping the environment. Many stores may even have the ability to store energy for you, so you can charge your devices while you sleep, or throughout the day.

More and more solar energy stores are being launched on the market, giving you a variety of options to choose from. Many of them can accommodate families, while many are small enough to accommodate a single person, which may be convenient if you plan to take your tent to a festival or a full camp. The tents themselves are also very exclusive, so you will be different from the crowd and you can choose your tent from the rest.

There are also options when it comes to the kind of power they can provide. Some solar tents can only store enough energy for indoor lighting, while others have storage capacity with charging so you can keep your devices on when you need them. This can be extremely useful, especially if an emergency ever occurs and you need to communicate with the authorities.

Solar Power Tent: Harnessing Nature's Energy

One limitation is that you will not be able to update your store without having to exchange solar energy with it, since there are still not many options for solar energy stores available in the market. And by the chance that your tent starts to fall apart from its use, you will have to discard it and get a totally new one. Nor will you be able to see the tents by yourself in many outdoor stores, so you will have to resort to buying them online.

Solar energy tent options

Since this is still a new technology with the world of camps, there are not many options available. However, as they become more popular, you can be sure that more and more outdoor companies are involved in this field of camping and can even improve what is already being used in the construction of these stores.

Eddie Bauer Katabatic 2

Eddie Bauer has partnered with Goal Zero to develop a new solar-powered tent that allows you to keep your mp3 player and phone charged when you need them. The tent itself measures 36 square feet and is 44 inches tall, allowing for the accommodation of only one person, or two, if you do not mind sharing the space. The wiring inside the store can be used to charge a small Sherpa 50 battery or the larger Yeti Solar generator, depending on the amount of power you will need.

Solar Power Tent: Harnessing Nature's Energy

Many campers will not need the Yeti’s power capabilities, so making do with a smaller charger will cover most of your needs. This type of store is not designed for the caravan that only goes once a year, since it costs $ 800 with the battery. It’s a great way to get out of the network without worrying about those missed calls or having your music to help you sleep.


This store is not yet on the market, but it is definitely revolutionizing the way people will start camping. Whether for festivals or outdoor camping, this solar tent will provide you with all the power you’ll need.

Kaleidoscope and Orange Communication have joined in the development of this store and in the new way in which it collects sunlight with its vaulted structure. The fabric of the store is interlaced with specially coated wires that will channel solar energy, as well as directional solar sliders that are easy to move and help you maximize the energy you are collecting.

Solar Power Tent: Harnessing Nature's Energy

It also has a wireless control center that gives you information about the amount of energy that is being created, as well as the amount of energy used to power your devices. The wireless charging bag means there are no cables to get tangled or broken, so you can charge your devices without worries. And when bad weather arrives, there is less chance of an electrical fault. And if you thought it was all the store can do, there’s more.

It is also capable of central heating, which can be beneficial on those unexpected nights when it is too cold. The heating element is integrated into the floor and triggers automatically once the internal temperature falls below a set level.

Whether you have ventured a bit away from the camp or lost in some camps, you can send a text message to your tent that will cause a distinctive glow that can be seen from a distance. Never again will you have to worry about tripping in the dark after doing your job in the middle of the night and having made a wrong turn. Although this store is still in the concept stages, it would be wonderful to see it come to fruition.


The Cinch tent was designed to accommodate a couple or a family, is easy and quick to install, and will take care of all your energy needs. It has LED lighting built into its construction and has a power supply that can be used to charge your devices. It is an emerging tent, so you do not have to worry much about stakes or following a set of elaborate instructions to prepare. It only weighs around twenty pounds and includes shoulder straps to make it easy to carry with you and the rest of your things.

Solar Power Tent: Harnessing Nature's Energy

The solar panel is mounted on the roof and has a conductive cable that goes to a waterproof port, so you will not have to worry about your electronic devices being slowed down. And when you’re away from your store, you can place the battery source on an inside hook so it can be charged all day long. This easy-to-build tent costs approximately $ 225 for the tent for two and $ 285 for a family tent.


If you’re looking for a fun way to camp that stands out from the rest, Bang Bang stores offer a unique way to find your store. Instead of going with boring colors that use a lot of neons to help you find it, Bang Gang tents have exteriors with bright designs, as well as solar panels. There is a wide range of unique patterns for you to choose from, and it makes it easy for you to choose your store from the crowd.

Solar Power Tent: Harnessing Nature's Energy

The included solar panels provide enough power to charge your cell phone, laptop, camera and / or speakers. With only 5 watts, the lithium battery bank and the USB charging adapter are enough to keep your electronics running all day so you do not miss those important texts or have to worry about emergencies. They can comfortably accommodate up to four people and are designed to withstand the elements, whether the sun is scorching or raining.

Last words

Solar energy tents are still a new thing in the market, since most people are trying to avoid it as much as possible. But the concept of y # 8220; glampingand # 8221; It is becoming a popular concept, and it seems that more and more people are attracted to the concept of having some modern comforts with them on their trip.

The solar energy store definitely makes it easier for you to keep your torches charged too, so you will not have to carry a handful of batteries with you and allow you to place more supplies in your bags. Although they may seem a bit more expensive than other tents, remember that you are paying for the convenience of having access to solar energy, in addition to making your tent as robust as possible to support its weight.


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