Solarmonkey Adventurer: Portable Solar Charger

If necessary, you can recharge various equipment from them. But, unfortunately, these are things that need to be recharged, which means there is a nearby outlet. Fortunately, there are exceptions, equipped with solar panels. But they are not very mobile and effective.

No, if everything is fine. In 10-12 hours, everything that you need will be charged. But in reality, such conditions are extremely rare. The traveler moves, the branches can be ruined fragile panels – in short, not an option. More recently, the charger appeared. Solarmonkey adventurer.

This thing is designed specifically for tourists. Therefore, it is packed in a durable shockproof case. Of course, it doesn’t bother you as a battery shocks and falls. And the solar cells themselves are protected no less reliably. Moreover, the whole structure is waterproof, even in the rain. In charge accumulation mode, of course. Equipment is prohibited.

Solarmonkey adventurer It’s very good for you. You just grab these panels somewhere on your backpack – that’s all. They weigh a little – 300 grams from the force, but they work effectively. There are two ways to get to your device.

Solarmonkey adventurer equipped with various adapters, including for Apple equipment. Yes, lovers of apples, It can be withstand about 800 charge-discharge cycles,

In the case of continuous operation. On cloudy days, efficiency drops, but the device continues to work.

In short. Portable charger Solarmonkey adventurer – a very useful thing. There are various high-tech gadgets, such as phones, players, football players, etc. As for the price – within 100 bucks. It is quite normal. But think for yourself. If you’re not in a trip, it’s not a problem, it’s not worth it.

Solarmonkey Adventurer: Portable Solar Charger

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