Soldiers must take care of their own M4

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Soldiers must take care of the M4 carbine.

For example, it can be used as a vehicle for the US Army Corps.

He added that he was a warrant officer in Iraq for interim terrorism. He was awarded the Silver Star for the courage shown in Operation.

A warrant officer reads his mind on the guns.

“There’s no reliability there,” said Warrant Officer Cramer about the standard carbine. “I would prefer something to use something else. If I could pick up something else, I would have done so. “

Pentagon was warned before the war was signed.

It was a m4A1, it was almost completely defective.

In 2002, the internal report of Arsenal Picatinny argued that the M4A1 is prone to overheating and “catastrophic jamming in the trunk.”

The test results also had implications for the Army. Since 2002, the troops had taken a lot of conventional guns. m4, like m4A1, should not be able to conduct the same rapid fire.

Colt Defense, which was a stricbornly continued to protect the carbine. I have received another manufacturer.

Do not respond to requests for comment

It’s not clear that there’s a need to carry it out. M4 provides easy mobility, target targeting speed and firepower. He has a lot of efforts to make his life around the world. “

It has been confirmed that there has been a contracting in the South Carolina.

Colt did a good job. Since the mid-90s of the 20th century, the US Army has spent $ 600 million to purchase more than half a million carbines.

It has been noted that the criterion of the formation will be It has been confirmed that the army has been refining it.

In 2011, a decade later, the attack on the M4 was launched.

He was discovered in 2001 and 2002, for example, when he wondered in the United States of America.

“Essentially speaking, there is a loss in the weapon,” said Scott Traudt, a decade ago.

He is a consultant for a team of civilian weapons.

Change to SCAR

According to the 20%, they reported a “serious hindrance”.

Faced with the soldiers of the Pentagon, the soldiers,

“To make a new level. While it’s obvious that we’re not2 meters under the ground.”

There is a possibility of a small number of cases. The soldiers also complained that the shop was easily wrinkled.

Short-barreled weapons were suitable for home-to-home fighting in Iraq. But in Afghanistan, Taliban could act from safe distances.

S. Traudt argues that there were also M4 combat faults, which were silent about. It has been noted that it has not been heard of. history of the army.

There was no detailed study of the infantryman. The congressional audit service, the Government Accountability Office, has not been interested in the M4 since it entered the service in the mid-90s. Similarly, the Pentagon didn’t produce the M4 or M4A1 commando.

Alarmed by Special Operations Forces AR developed developed le R developed R R R R R,,, Special Special Special Special The Delta squadron, an elite army anti-terrorism unit, purchased a German-made carbine. Sources say it is not quite so much about the M4A1.

“SCAR chambered for 5.56 mm was a mistake in terms of guys,” says Ryan Zinke, an ex-member of the “team of 6”, an elite anti-terrorism unit of “seals”.

Doubtful standard

The Iraqi-Afghani history of the M4 carbons is a replete with the contented soldiers who took the M4 to the war. M4 is among the most popular among the military.

But they expressed affection for the Colt’s weapons.

“The assortment of weapons of choice. This is simply unacceptable for the price, ”says“ green beret ”, “For its price, I consider it a terrific weapon. From the M16 to the M4, I’ve been “

Alert M4 “If you’re cleaning up the weapon,” he says.

R. Zinke, a former “cat,” said the M4A1 was improved, and its shortcomings were eliminated.

“The M4 has been a standard for special forces forces,” says Zinke, “The mounting bar has been greatly improved and can be accommodated easily. The cartridge is an acceptable combination of range and firepower. A variety of ammunition also improved flexibility. “

S. Traudt says that his company was rewarded ten years ago for proposals for improvement M4. The report was prepared and the reliability of operation.

“The M4 was almost standard,” he says. Did not follow it. “

“It is almost useless”

Retired Major General Reactor of the M4.

He says that the 5.56 mm bullet system is prone to delays. He argues that the G36 from the company “Hekler-Koch” and AK-74 Kalashnikov use much better design.

“Speaking frankly, in general, it’s a scandal,” says General Scales. “We have been sending soldiers with lousy weapons, we’ve been sending them away. This is a national problem. “

“He has no punching power,” he says of the M4. “It is ineffective against transport, against fortifications. It is ineffective against almost everything, except man in the open space. The M4 is almost useless. “

The M885A1 munition lead-free munition, which was put into service in 2010m. He has more penetrating power and more effective range.

General Scales also asks for the army.

“More soldiers are killed in light of rifle weapons,” he says. “In the open spaces of Afghanistan. In one case, it requires lightness and maneuver, in the other – a heavy bullet and a long range. “

In 2009, in the eighth year of the war, an army officer wrote a study on this topic.

“If you’re a scourge of mines School at Fort Leavenworth. “If you want to achieve the desired effect, you’ll be able to achieve the desired effect.”

It’s not clear that it’s been the case for the United States weapon weapon 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 meters. It’s not necessary to make sure that it’s not a problem. “

Testing Testing Reviews

It was the second time when it came to the M4A1. They were testing for critical up to ground wars.

If you are a man of war

The tacit MTR study called the M4A1 carbine “was originally flawed.” It was created by the fired cartridge. It can be held at an “acceptable level of reliability.”

It is also noted that “the M4A1 has been subject to the conditions of the intensive cooling process.”

The report said that it was a “seals” meeting, the flagers of the fighters “, it said that it was a detachment of the fighters”, including reliability, safety and security.

Trunks can loosen and “become inaccurate.”

Nevertheless, the M4A1 “in the army.”

Months later, the Arsenal Picatinny, launched its own study of the M4A1.

It was sent to her report that she received a message on her body. tide zone, swimming on and under the surface) “The copy said in the Times.”

“M4A1 shot at a high pace,” it said. “Catastrophic problems of a shot shot out of ammunition.”

Preventing jamming

The troops with M4A1.

“The M4A1 and M4 carbines will be served more than a decade of wars,” says Captain Kevin Andal. “The army has significantly improved the M4A1 / M4 over the past twelve years. Developed a 2002m year. In addition, M4 and M4A1 received improvements in the extract, spring, recoil buffer, chamber, and gateway. These improvements were raised on the issues raised by the 2002 report. “

In the case of the operation of the motor vehicle, it is a fact of

The Arsenal Picatinny M4. The M16.

“Army Times” later reported that “shooting the times more often than M16A4?

According to the M4, it’s recommended that the tests should be carried out.

He added that he was not in trouble.

It is a kitten that has been tested and has been replaced by a kitten. -coil ”system developed for heat-resistant materials.

“M4A1, it is equipped with a motor vehicle, it is equipped with a motor vehicle,” says S. Traudt. “In our tests, the failure of the M4A1 occurred after 1375 shots. Ordinary army M4A1 fails after 840 shot rounds, because of its technologically obsolete parts, and usually it’s not even a barrel failure. This is a failure of the gas system or the shutter. “

It was reported that the M4A1 suffers a lot of deficiencies.

One man on Capitol Hill paid attention. In 2007, Tom Coburn, a senator from Oklahoma, began a campaign to find a new carbine for the army.

“Taking into account the peace of mind,” he wrote in April 2007. “A number of manufacturers have been developed and tested weapon models, which provide a better alternative in terms of reliability. ”

For the next five years, the senator fought this fight alone. But the writers didn’t have any other writers.

Rowan scarborough

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