Soldiers of the future: how to equip infantry in various countries

United States of America and the United States of America. This is a survival of the survivors on the battlefield.

The concept of a soldier of the future, regardless of the country of the design, involves interaction between disparate combat units. Heading significantly reduce the effectiveness of the effectiveness of.

Despite the fact that he was very well-trained infantryman, Moreover, the battlefield was more often inhabited by civilians of the city.

Land Warrior (USA)

Armed Forces to create uniforms of the United States Future force warrior. It consists of two independent projects: fighter pilot ammunition Air warrior and infantryman Land warrior. It will be discussed in the framework of this ground forces.

United States authorities stopped financing the project. Land warrior, started in the distant 1989 by the efforts of General Electric. It was necessary to suspend the state of the United States on the world stage. Still, such projects are not only subject to national pride. 2008 the project Land warrior had to renew.

Infantry outfit Land warrior There are a number of systems, including weapons, helmet, body armor, handheld computer, navigator, radio communication, and radio control. Main weapon Land warrior The M16 assault rifle or the M4 is not limited to these two “trunks”. This is a very useful way for a specific mission. There is a thermal sight, a thermal sight,

The camera is shipped to the OLED display of the helmet. It also displays a glass map in Google’s data. Mandatory for infantryman Land warrior is a bulletproof vest and backpack MOLLE with ammunition.

“Brain” center uniforms Land warrior is a PDA with an ARM XScale processor and a Linux operating system. Navigation through network via EPLRS. If you connect, the backup sensor will be responding for orientation.

Against the backdrop of a technological boom in the consumer electronics market Land warrior does not look so impressive. It’s necessary to understand the art of civil society.

The above-described modification of the US infantry ammunition has already been “baptized in combat” in Iraq. Meanwhile, work is underway on a concept. Future force warrior. Many private companies and government agencies, including the notorious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, work together on the project. Among the innovations Future force warrior It is worth noting that the body has been able to balance the body and the body of the body.


Above the concept of a soldier of the future FIST (Future Integrated Soldier Technology) Qinetic and Thales design bureaus are commissioned by the British Armed Forces. According to forecasts, the final cost of one ammunition FIST it will receive 35 thousand British infantry. The FIST project is very similar to the American. Land warrior: only time-tested subsystems are used. The SA80 is an option for the M203 grenade launcher.

IdZ-ES (Germany)

In the German project Idz-es (Infanterist der zukunft, which translates as “soldier of the future”), it can be seen in the field.

FELIN (France)

Project to create the uniforms for the soldier Felin (Fantassin a equipements et liaisons integres, which translates as “Integrated equipment and means of communication of the soldiers”). It has been created by Sagem, which recently produced mobile phones.

Not number, but technology

Uniforms for the soldiers of the future have been launched in many countries:MARKUS) Of Spain (COMFUT), Australia (Land 125) Brazil (COBRA), India (F-insas), as well as neighboring Russia (“Warrior”) and Poland (Projekt tytan). It is clear that there has been a situation in the world. We have not been able to carry out any repairs.

Ready kits

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