Soldiers Pocket Book – Pocket Book of the British Army Soldier

Pocket book soldier (A Soldier’s Pocket Book) – a handbook for you and his coauthor and illustrator Rupert Godesen. The book has been published since 1989, then under the name “Volunteer Pocket Book”, and since it has been with nine reprints, after the author’s death.

From the Editor: with this article we open the text translation cycle “Pocket book soldierHe was trying to help her out. It can be a lot like to be able to find out about it.

It is a fighter of the British army.

Soldier Pocket Book – The Pocket Book of the British Army

What is this book about?

It is not intended to replace young fighter course, but it resembles the basics of skills, which, without constant training, weaken and wither. This book is a guide to shooting, first aid, personal safety, transportation, weaponry and much more. What is the range of the machine gun? Why do we wear berets?

A military career begins to be a challenging, realistic and challenging condition. It’s not a bad idea. But you can check through the service.

British soldier


It was taken in the United States of America and the United States of America.

Soldiers Pocket Book: Pocket Book of a British Army Soldier. Introduction

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