Sole Vibram (Vibram) –

Everybody who has heard about it. It is easy to ensure that you can protect your foot from it. On this background outsole vibra (Vibram) at one time made a real revolution in mountaineering. And that’s how it happened.

A bit of history: how did the Vibram sole appear?

Those most ill-footed shoes, nails.

1935. There are several challenging peaks of the Italian Alps. At the summit, it is called Punta Rasica, the team is overtaken by a blizzard. Where the trouble begins.

It is possible to find out how to wear a pair of boots. The first pair is a toughly flat rocky terrain. It makes it possible to feel every pebble. Also, of course, with nails.

So, it was disgustingly resisted cold, ice and water. They froze at times and lost their grip on the rocks. It wasn’t been a hot foot wear. The climbers from the bramini team. Hypothermia, frostbite, slow and unpleasant death. It was the boots that caused the death of people.

So it’s been deep in thought. But it’s not a problem. Find the right substance.

In the same 1937, the newly formed company Vibram, together with Pirelli Tire Company, rubber wax waxes

1954. Two Italians – Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni climb to the top Chogori. The highest peak of the world. In shoes with a sole Vibram. It is a climber?

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