Souring and pickling greens of wild edible plants, mashed potatoes and caviar from green plants.

Souring of greenery of wild edible plants is as follows. Rinse young greens, nettles, quinoa, mari and other salad plants, cut into slices, scald with salted boiling water (5 g of salt per 1 liter of water), let the water drain. Tightly lay scalded greens in a bowl (barrel, tub, pan, etc.), pouring salt at the rate of 50 g of salt per 1 kg of greenery. 

Souring and pickling greens of wild edible plants, mashed potatoes and caviar from green plants.

Top with fermented greens with a wooden circle, on which to put oppression. Dishes with herbs for 7-8 days leave in a room at a temperature of 18-20 degrees for fermentation. Then store in a cellar or basement.

, sorrel, etc.) rinse, put in a colander or wire mesh and blanch in boiling water for 3-4 minutes. Then let the water drain, wipe the greens through a sieve with large cells. Boil the resulting mashed potatoes, put into clean hot glass jars, cover and place in the pasteurization tank (0.5 liter cans for 30 minutes, liter 60 minutes). After pasteurizing the lids, roll up, overturn the cans upside down and cool. Keep jars of mashed potatoes in a cold place. In winter, mashed potatoes are used for cabbage soup, sauces, etc. According to the same recipe, mashed potatoes can be prepared from the herbs of the field, goose cinquefoil, and the flowers of the marsh marigold.

Burdock and sorrel leaf puree.

Pass the washed burdock leaves through a meat grinder, put salt (5-8 g per 100 g of mashed potatoes). Mix the mass thoroughly, put it in jars and pasteurize as described above. Per 500 g of burdock leaves 100 g of sorrel leaves.

Caviar from greens of wild edible plants.

Pass the hogweed, dumplings, nettles and others through a meat grinder and stew, adding tomato puree, sugar, fried onions and sunflower oil. Then fry it all in a pan, add black pepper to taste, put it in jars, pasteurize, roll up the lids. For 1 kg of greens, 2 cups of tomato puree, 150-170 g of sunflower oil, salt, sugar, pepper to taste. Before use, add garlic to the caviar.

Pickling greens of wild edible plants.

Rinse young shoots of saxifrage thigh, dash, hogweed, wild onions, etc., rinse several times in cold water, blanch in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, drop onto a sieve and let the water drain. At the bottom of a half-liter can, put 1 bay leaf, 1-2 cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped into slices. Cut blanched greens into pieces 5-8 cm long, put into jars, condense and pour in marinade containing 2-2.5% acetic acid. Cover the banks and pasteurize for 25 minutes at a water temperature of 100 degrees. Consumption of 80% vinegar essence: for a 0.5-liter can of 6 cm3, for a liter-12.5 cm3, for a 3-liter 37 cm3.

Pickling flower buds.

Rinse the buds of spring chistyka, marsh marigold, common dandelion in cold water, put in a saucepan, pour hot marinade and bring to a boil. Each type of bud should be pickled separately. To prepare the marinade: 20 grams of vinegar essence, 25 grams of salt and sugar, bay leaf, pepper to taste per 1 liter of water. Boil the marinade for 10 minutes. Pickled buds are used for dressing cabbage soup, borscht, hodgepodge, second meat dishes.

Pickled Hogweed.

Rinse young, not yet fully developed hogweed leaves with petioles, chop, sprinkle with fine salt at the rate of 20 g per 1 kg of greens, mix in an enamel bowl and leave for 2-3 hours. At the bottom of a liter glass jar, put 4 peas of allspice and bitter pepper, 2-3 clove flowers, 1 bay leaf. Fill the jar with chopped herbs, pour hot pickle and pasteurize in hot water (90 degrees) for 30 minutes. For 1 liter of pouring 30-40 g of salt, 40-50 g of sugar, 18 g of 2% vinegar. In this way, you can pickle young shoots of cucumber grass, angelica forest, angelica and other herbs.

Dew marinated.

It is also prepared like pickled hogweed. The composition of the marinade pouring, per 1 kg of young leaves of a dream -1 glass of vinegar, 2.5 cups of water, 1/4 cup sugar, 1 tbsp. tablespoon of salt, 2-3 bay leaves, 15 peppercorns.

Pickling spicy greens of wild edible plants.

Sort the spicy greens (caraway seeds, saxifrage thigh, and others), rinse, cut into 2-4 cm slices, lay tightly in scalded glass jars and pour hot solution of salt and vinegar. Cover the jars and pasteurize in boiling water: 0.5 liter-15 minutes, liter 20 minutes. Per 1 liter of solution 30-40 g of salt, 20 g of vinegar essence.

Greens in the marinade.

Rinse young leaves, shoots, stalks of bluebells, cucumber grass and other plants, cut them into jars, add garlic chopped into slices, pour the marinade and, without pasteurizing, roll up the lids. Marinade preparation: dissolve 100 g of salt, 100 g of sugar in 0.5 liters of water, boil, put 10 peas of black pepper and add 0.4 liters of 5% vinegar.

Marinade from quinoa, dream or mallow.

In vinegar, put bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon, sweet peas, salt, sugar and boil. Dip the washed grass into it and boil again: rush and mallow, 20 minutes, quinoa -10 minutes. Then take out the grass, put it hot tightly, in clean, sterilized hot jars and pour on top the marinade in which the grass was boiled. Lids roll up. For 1 kg of grass, 2.5 cups of 2-3% vinegar, 1 g of sweet peas, 5 g of bay leaf, 15 g of salt, 5 g of cinnamon, 2 g of clove.

Preparation of starch from the rhizomes of water lilies and egg capsules.

Remove the brown skin from the rhizomes, and cut the inner white part into pieces, dry and grind. To remove tannins, put flour in a bowl, add water and let stand, constantly stirring with a wooden spoon. Then carefully drain the water, and pour the precipitate again with water. Repeat this washing 2-3 times. Dry the resulting powder, sift through a sieve and use for jelly, sauces, dressing soups.

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