Soviet style of survival

Due to the excessive volume of secretion military power The USSR – rocket trains, radar stations, underground bases of nuclear submarines, and so on. In this case, it is paid off. But besides weapons and equipment – There are various disciplines developed in the country. Soviet special training, where did you go survival and applied hand-to-hand combat. It was established that the system of knowledge of professionals.

The time has passed. It is easier with rocket mines and submarines – these material objects are somehow preserved. But with secret knowledge of things are somewhat worse. Something has lost relevance, something has been forgotten. And it is preserved in the media – one of them is Alexander Nikolaevich Medvedev, master of life conservation and maintenance Shaw tao, the creator Unibos, lucky with access to information during the Soviet era. Some master of knowledge in survival issue – it was in the combat training system.

He is not interested in the questions and answers. His knowledge is a real person. Because they belong to the beyond for the average man extreme situations. Has been taken in a rather extreme situation. And then – the words of Alexander Nikolaevich.

“Nobody knows everything. Each has its own specialization – in the climatic zone. For example, I know the desert well. How does a bedouin go to bed? Always face up. Why? Because the jackal attacks from the back. Also he can spread out around lodging places Hair lasso Various creatures of horsehair and do not crawl it. Another area is ice. I love your shoes! A lot of such things. There are twelve ways to use water. If the spittle doesn’t spread, this water cannot be used. You need to check them. For example, the bush gives too little water. It is not clear that the moss comes from a tree. Need to know the terrain.

There are also associated with survival military practices – for example, To master this, you have to live it. It is not a rule, but it’s not worth it. Better than many well-fed and satisfied armies of the world. Hence, my love for a simple soldier.

Concerning survival issues clarification – who are we talking about? This is a downed pilot who only has a knife? Or a sailor, shipwrecked? But he still has to perform combat mission? And then survival techniques include interrogation and opposition to it.

Concerning civilian survival, I hope you’re going to make it. But this is certainly a risk. Break a leg – you will not return. Many techniques, different directions. For example, if you’re getting better. If not, then go.

Food is often not worth getting. Than she gives you. On the reserves for a person.

Now in fashion survival, what can happen in the event of war … psychophysical practices. If she cant catch up, she will not survive. So, you need to be able to do it. It is also necessary to properly cook. Sometimes they teach cannibalism. For people who are looking for food. It is a good idea to eat the attackers. The samurai practiced the same, getting from the battlefields. An ordinary person, such techniques can turn away.

Sugar is a tale. It also depends on how you cook it. But secondary infections – an important question. It’s still not enough aliens. Therefore, it is necessary to fry the meat well. Well, it’s important to decide on it. That’s what it is survival. In addition, it should be forbidden – the application of this knowledge. Well, okay, man is a complicated matter. For example, animals.

Even not everyone is ready to eat a dog. These are all stereotypes. What can you eat? This is a missing product. If you want to eat fish, then you can’t make it. Or eat a live scorpion to maintain strength. Why live? In live more useful substances. Locusts are very tasty even raw.

Frogs – also need to know how to eat. Our tropical island can eat tropical frogs. But they are completely different! And there is another fish. And plants. Seeing the porcini mushrooms that have been gathered together. There was a mass poisoning – because in those climatic conditions the plant behaves differently. The same plant in different climatic conditions. A lot of nuances.

There are three hundred ways to make fire. The planed bamboo flares up very well under friction. Compared with our wood – it flashes almost instantly. They need to turn out until they fall. Theoretical knowledge is not enough. For example, how to dilute fire in the rain? The kindling (chips) must, on the body. Jelly for ignition. It is necessary to make a bed for the fire. It is especially important that you can not live until the morning.

All these newfangled magnesium chairs Give it a good flash, but it doesn’t last long. And you need a steady, steady burning.

One can hide it in the carcass of a dead animal. It turns out that it is a skin of skin. It will not be able to get out of it. If you’re not, then he will go to this stench and abomination.

It all depends on survival. For example, they threw the cadets somewhere in the forest. They boiled frogs in a helmet, and ate well. Their survival is over. If you have overcome fear. Even in shipwrecks, for the first five minutes of the cold water. First of all there must be readiness.

And sometimes it starts to get water. routine and boredom. Therefore, in some survival kits A deck of playing cards is included. Loss of time for a person unprepared. It will be pleased with any situation. Amenities without a TV, without amenities.

The body through exposure to biologically active points. It is not only meridional energy. There are thousands of options for using BAT for combat and medicinal purposes. Someone is learning how to make a person hurt. These are different approaches and they are discrete. Does not exist chinese medicine or military art in general. It is simply the knowledge of the human body.

For example, there is a different approach. In the first study of the principle of “faster, higher, stronger.” Secondly, it spleen – which favorably affects the skin and bones. It only eliminates all diseases. Because Taoist, unlike a warrior, plans to live happily ever after. For samurai dignity is beautiful to die. For a yamabushi, imitate your death. Therefore, his experience is twenty times more interesting than the experience of a samurai.

Also studied the experience “Zoon inmatesIf you’ve been knocked out for the floor, you’ve been knocked out. than the same jujutsu …

From applied chips – biting the tongue. Himself – for suicide (if captured), if you say, a woman is being raped. She sucks his tongue and bites off. He is bleeding out. If you’re still captured and bound.

Survival, Security is a complex concept. It has been in recent years due to frequent breakdowns. It can be a bit loosening up. Therefore, it is more than one person. “

It is good that among us there are specialists such as Alexander Nikolaevich Medvedev, It’s time to learn knowledge.

Soviet style of survival

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