Spare parts kit for AR-15 and AK series rifles

ARKI against Kalash. 7.62 vs. 5.56. Point three hundred and eight! Military acceptance, surplus stock, premium series, and so on and so forth. If you spent some time in skin shooter, then familiar with all of this. On the Internet, this is all hotly debated, and every time there are people who claim that only their choice is right, and yours is wrong if you disagree with them. And whatever they bought is obviously the best (from their words, of course, because of the high purchase price, if you talk with snobs, or vice versa, low prices, if you talk with “rednecks”), and every time there is a vague link for someone you know or a guy from a workout, or the author of a video course or an example to follow, who absolutely knows for sure that this piece will definitely work in BePe.

Yeah, right. The vast majority of these people never shot in a state of rage. Being a weapon lover doesn’t mean being able to fight. Excuse me, but I have no interest in their “opinions” (NCSCOUT, author of the article – comment).

What you rarely see is a discussion of maintaining weapon performance, especially in the long run. It is necessary to understand, this question is not special forces. Believe it or not, this only slightly concerns the actual choice of weapons, since this is mainly a matter of logistics. Each of the common weapons design has its own characteristics, noticeable and not very, requiring attention so that your weapon is not put on the brink of damage. There is nothing worse than spending a quarterly salary on carbine, optics, shops and ammunition, and then discover that the reason weapon failure at the most inopportune moment – in the breakdown of the descent spring.

It really happens. It happened to SR-25 In my practice, an excellent weapon, but not famous for its reliability. Even a Kalashnikov assault rifle, recognized as a crown of reliability, has its limits and can fail relatively easily and unexpectedly, especially if the manufacturer does not monitor the quality. Following all of the above, here are a few considerations aimed at maintaining the performance of your weapon.

Spare shutters

Without a doubt, the only part I saw was a platform really broken on arms AR-15 – this is the shutter. Just need to buy a spare, right? Well, yes, that’s right. BUT – did you check it head part caliber? Do you have a caliber for your weapon? Do you carry out such a check after so many shot rounds (wear changes the size of the part)? Do you check his work? Is there any hardening or unusual working on stops? Not to mention the fact that the valve must be of high-quality production – the correct position of the nozzle, the corresponding steel and heat treatment, as well as no truss (such as “oil free shutter for AR — 15“… what the hell is there at all?).

Have Kalashnikov Also there are difficulties with the shutter. Some Yugoslav models had a blow up in the back of the bolt, where contact with the drummer takes place – and this will lead to premature failure. You need to monitor potential cracks, as some samples from different countries / manufacturers have different heat treatments. You also need to understand that not all AK the same – there are design differences in different countries. That is, know what you have, and select spare parts accordingly.

Use standardized parts

At the base self-assembly There are details that poorly meet the standards and specifications. This is characteristic of AR-platforms, Considering how much a liver is sold for it, so the choice of standard parts should be the rule. Believe it or not, for your money. DPMS offers a good set of parts for the lower receiver module AR-series. Concerning AK, It would be a good idea to get the trigger pin retainer to secure the self-timer spring (such a paper clip that holds the trigger in place and breaks more often than you think). They are inexpensive, it takes 10 seconds to install, and most likely you will not need frequent replacement.

Spare parts kit USM

As for the sets spare parts, then for the most part it will be details trigger mechanism. If you are an amateur USM from third-party vendors – fine, but you need to understand how they work. I highly recommend to beginners or inexperienced shooters. AR-series do not touch the insides – you need to get used to the feeling of standard weapons, and USM here is of great importance. Also, if standard USM with standard parts, you can purchase a few springs in reserve, and relatively inexpensive, for the entire contents of the safe.

AK, if compared, it is much simpler USM. But, believe it or not, it can become one of the most problematic knots in a weapon. If you prefer Kalashnikov weapons, Have spare parts on hand. Disassemble and assemble it. USM AK – A solid single knot when assembled, but there is a small spring adoring to fly, it is not known where, if your fingers are not clever enough (ask me how I know it). Keep ready assembled USM, to simplify your life in circumstances far removed from greenhouses.

Know the problem areas of your weapon

Every design in our world, even legendary Kalashnikov, has vulnerable nodes. It is well known that for normal operation shutter AR-series cleanliness is needed (although it is more resistant to pollution than is commonly thought). But there may be other difficulties, from the previously mentioned, to unforeseen (with a gas block, with a slide delay), so you should spend time training not only for grinding weapon handling skills, but also on finding out the reasons for potential delays that you might encounter.

For example, in AKM, in which a stamped receiver box, rivets may break, especially if the assembly is of poor quality. Breaking the stud rivet kills the machine gun completely, on the spot and in a flash. Improper heat treatment or excessive wear on the slide rails can also lead to failure. It happens. Understanding the mechanisms of your weapon is a critical part of your combat capability, and it will be much easier for the repairman to repair the machine if the owner has already been able to identify the fault.

Use a common weapon that is the de facto standard

Here, for example, I really like Sig mcx. This is a cool little carbine, and although I didn’t shoot it with a silencer, I’m ready to bet that this is just a song. But besides aesthetics, he has very little in common with standards. AR-series. In fact, there are many specific (proprietary) parts in it that can easily refuse (and they will do it, because of which the manufacturer has withdrawn it). If no one else in my patrol is armed with such weapons and we do not have common spare parts, then in the event of the breakdown of my dear toy, the matter is bad. Then I will become disabled only because I wanted a cool gun. Same with PTR-91 / G3 / CETME. Of course, a good weapon. Popular in Iran, not so popular in Rhodesia (from the words of Dennis Crucamp).

But Heckler Coke Parts it is difficult to meet in the US, and although there are people willing to swear their reliability, if this rifle fails, it will be forever. Get spare parts now. Unless you are a collector (or a lover of cheap shops that damage the sleeves, and YES, they damage the sleeves), I will not waste time trying to convince you. There is such a rule: one is nothing, two is one. Be prepared to provide yourself with spare parts or have a way to make them. On the other hand, AR-series, as well as Garandov designs, and AK to a lesser extent, quite common and available in significant quantities. Thus, it becomes much easier to reach common standards in the group and avoid potential problems with logistics. Any gunsmith will be able to repair them … but CETME, probably not.

Start correctly and finish correctly.

One of the most dangerous myths of modern weapons culture claims that quality is directly related to price. Although you really in a sense get what you paid for, but quality, standard spare parts kits are usually not expensive. 40-50 dollars, maybe a little more, but usually – just right. High-quality spare closures are a bit more expensive. USM to AK – about 30 dollars. Spare parts for AK from military warehouses, including a spare bolt, bolt carrier and a spring return piston – about a hundred. Not such a lot of money if you are going to rely on these weapons in the long run. But in all cases, buy from a reputable source. Do not claim the Darwin Award, saving on such things.

Make Friends with a Gunsmith

There are problems that can not cope on their own. Billy dropped his carbine and bent the receiver. Willy refused gazblok. Dilly on the sixth shot jammed his custom design. Worn out AK Jim began to shoot without stopping or even better, lost two rivets of the front axle. If you are seriously considering preparing for what all these conversations about BePe revolve around, then these things should be taken into account. I have seen how this happened with coached guys, and although this is a good reason to laugh, it happens more often than you think.

It is easy to laugh when it does not happen to you, who are sitting in comfortable chairs in front of a computer with unlimited internet connected … People are rather clumsy under the influence of stress. People can’t fix everything on their own, so knowledgeable gunsmith – welcome familiarity and critical part of the supply. In addition to knowledge of the actual weapons field, he is likely to be competent in other things and may be able to make those parts that would not be available without him. (By the way, I have not met a gunsmith, who would not have been a little survivor.But nevertheless, just as a doctor cannot determine your illness at first glance, the armorer also needs an accurate description of the symptoms, and his work will be much easier if the shooter can reliably describe what happened, and not moo “I don’t know it just doesn’t work. ” And this requires an arrow of experience and knowledge of weapons, which is acquired only by practice.

Standards matter. This concerns not only your preferences or even the answer to the question: which weapon is better. This primarily concerns the supply, support, circulation and availability in the long term. In the US, shooters mostly preferAR-series. There are no guerrillas who choose the weapon they want – their choice boils down to what will be provided by supplies from the outside, or will be obtained in battle with the enemy (but this, of course, is the subject of a completely different conversation). Therefore, whether you are worried about it or not, creating standards for your group, loyalty to these standards, training with these standards and a plan to meet them is the key to success.

Translator’s note: savvy manufacturers have been making sets of spare parts for years in case of emergency situations. For example, American Built Arms Company created a set consisting of:

  • bolt stud
  • drummer
  • firing pin
  • ejector
  • ejector spring
  • ejector stud
  • spring extractor
  • spindle extractor spring
  • extractor roller
  • gas rings

Original article – Running Spares- Keeping Your Weapon Going

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