Special Forces: Delta. PR or effectiveness?

Who shouts the loudest about “world terrorism”? USA. What is the most terrible evil? USA. If you are not ready to influence the concept of counter terrorism? USA. It should be understood that it should not be the best. But is it really?

Squad delta or Delta force – The United States of America. The best fighters, the most advanced equipment, the toughest selection. And as PR Delta media! Books, movies, computer games – However, in practice, we would like. But about everything in order.

Foundation and history of the delta squad

1972 Olympics in Munich. Terrorists from the Black United States organization are capturing athletes from Israel. During the operation, the person is killed. Then the story will be involved in suspected terrorists, but that’s another story. So here. This could happen again with them. It was entrusted to organize a unit capable of effectively destroying terrorists and rescuing American citizens. Charles Beckwith.

Why him? He didn’t need to be trained in the sixties by the SAS method. With difficulty, but passed. The former US Army Special Forces soldier is not used. Not used to formal discipline, to a relaxed subordination. I am not used immediately after receipt. Not used to act quickly and without hesitation. I had to get used to. It has affected so much Beckwith, It was used for the fighters of the Delta squadron. Why precisely “Delta”? B-52 detachment wore formed Beckwith According to British principles.

June 2, 1977 US Command Approaches Plans Charles Beckwith, “First Operational Unit of the US Special Forces”. And on November 19, we are the first operational group of 3 people. Why so long? This is what “Attacking Charlie” has been. Of the 150 volunteers, only 20 percent were able to meet the demands of the US Army.

Selection and preparation

What is in fact Delta. He meets the following criteria: he is a US citizen Armed Vocational Training 110 points, have experience of military specialties.

If the fighter met the criteria – this was the first qualifying course. For starters, this is a general physical test.

  • 40 squats per minute
  • 40 pushups per minute
  • crawling 20 meters on the back and 20 meters on the stomach in 25 seconds
  • 3.2 km cross in 16 minutes
  • sprint zigzagging with jumping over half a ditch ditch in 24 seconds
  • for 100 meters in clothes and boots

After that march. 22 km cross country, with a backpack of 20 kg and a rifle in his hands. With the need to navigate the terrain. To be in time, the speed should be 4 km per hour.

After this, an interview with psychologists and field commanders. Not suitable for teamwork. Here you are. Individualists and overly excitable personalities are eliminated at this stage – the fighter Delta should be able to obey and not burn out.

It is a contractor for further service and training. First, there is a semi-annual course, during which the fighters individually improve their physical skills. When it comes to action, it’s time to work. Fighters are trained in hand-to-hand fighting, snorkeling, mine training, field training and much more. In fact, while you are in the Delta, you are learning and improving your skills. You can send you a copy of the Greely (Alaska), where you will work out. And they can come to Fort Gulik (Panama), where you will crawl through the jungle. And they can “visit” friendly countries to exchange experience. SAS, GIGN, GSG9, SM (Israel) – colleagues who are happy.

The structure of the Delta squad

The Delta is divided into the following divisions:

  • 3 separate spetsnaz companies called Squadrons. They are called, respectively, A, B and C. In each of 6 groups of 16 people.
  • Operational Headquarters Division D, which develops action plans in the field.
  • He has been involved in the administration of economic and financial services.
  • Operators F. directly. Operators call those fighters who are involved in the performance of current combat missions.

The total number of people – up to a thousand people. There is no official form. Hairstyles can be worn informally. No specific insignia to identify fighters. Delta, not. Complete secrecy and invisibility.

Delta squad operations

Atrocious selection, ongoing training, efficient supply Delta acted super effective? But no. Unconditionally around the world. AND Delta not an exception.

1979 year. Iran. The newly formed squad Delta was the rescue of American hostages in Tehran. Found the aircraft for refuses helicopters. The next fuel truck had to blow up. It is not only an unheard of weathering, but it’s not. Aircraft tanker crashed into one of the helicopters. 8 corpses. Complete violation of secrecy. Panic retreat. Left helicopters, equipment and secret documents, including a list of agents in Iraq. Better a gift for counterintelligence and you can not imagine.

1981 Bangkok. Islamic terrorists hijacked another plane. But it wasn’t to be removed. Delta. As a result, all the terrorists are not all the terrorists.

1883 Grenada. Terrorists from the People’s Revolutionary Army Prison. Well fortified, I must say. They took hostages and plans for further action. It was planned that DeltaBut the departure was delayed by 6 hours. That is, black night helicopters flew right in the rays of the dawn sun. And then it turned out that reconnaissance had been smuggled by two fortified air points. In short, landed failed. Well at least there were no combat losses.

1989 Panama. Manuel Noriega crossed the lines of common sense. But he kept himself an instinct of self-preservation, a squandering his condition. Did not work out. Fighters Delta detained him and the escorted to court. Pope. Something like diplomats. It is fraught with international scandal. But everything went well, the Vatican was silent, Manuel Noriega still sits.

1993 year. Somalia. The gothic serpent commander Aidid. It was not taken. Action movies Al qaeda It was up to 5 people to be seen. It would not be the case. About partial failure Delta I learned the whole world, because the terrorists actively corpses. America was forced to withdraw its troops from Somalia. It’s better, frankly, no more.

2003 – 2004. Iraq. Vs Saddam husseinthe air force and the fleet fought. Fighters Delta Field commanders helped him to eliminate the dictator’s sons, Uday and Kusay.

As you can see Delta – a real series of enchanting ups and downs. Brute force, equipment and finance. The manner of action, even the best plans are toomed to failure.

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