Special Forces Soldier Tips: Be Strong! Stronger harder to kill!

I hear from the interlocutors the question – “what are you doing in terms of preparation for hostilities?“I usually answer for something about my eyes and my eyes. As a rule, it makes an impression on people.

After all, I’m giving you a lot of fun:

“I try to be as strong as possible. All the time. I want to be the strongest guy in the neighborhood. This is my number one goal. And only then all sorts of aerobic training and mobility. “

In fact, it is.

If you wish, you can delight into a lengthy psychological debate. I will not even accept their conclusions.

Do you want to cycle? It is a good idea to bring the trainings to your muscles. Cool stuff, but i’m not good at it. I cant stomp and I don’t matter. I can only talk about what I saw myself.

Wins. This is not a parable, and Goliath will prevail in real life, kids. Frisky steer more often than a way around.

Weighing 80-90 kilograms, it’s close to the “generally accepted” standards of strength capabilities. Add to his mode aerobic exercise – preferably a sprint. From time to time, without endangering health, make it work longer than 40 minutes. Each training should bring it closer to the goal – mobility, flexibility, power, explosive strength, strengthening of ligaments. If not, then do not do it.

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Physical training

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