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We have been discussing the technique of training and increase dexterity. Next, we’ll be discussing the ways of self-defense. you can avoid the conflict.

Forbidden self-defense techniques: “cruel and vile” ways to neutralize the enemy

Forbidden they are called, because they are really forbidden due to high lethality. However, as they say, “in war, all means are good.” Have been identified for automaticity:

  • Groin bumps (hands, feet, teeth, anything). An inguinal region is a large number of nerve endings, which is striking. There were cases when strokes to the groin area were fatal.
  • Palm strike on the ears (simultaneously from two sides). It is very dangerous to blow it up. It is usually combined with a blow to the knee. The effect is fantastic. But be careful, your law may not be on your side.
  • Eyeballs. Also, not a weak reception, the enemy can be made disabled. It is easy to prey. These are attacks that are very painful and are not capable of disabling.
  • Adam’s blow. This blow can knock the breath away and even kill. Adam’s can not be pumped or strengthened.

Working in emergency situations. But this is more than enough.

Special tools for self-defense:

It will be a matter of fact. By violating the law

1. Gas spray

It is inexpensive. Effective only at a distance of three meters, then strongly sprayed. It is a legal means of self-defense. Do not use risk breathing too. Jetting cartridges for sale, firing a stream of pepper liquid.

2. Stun gun

Good enough thing, good help to protect yourself on the street. The stun gun can knock even the seasoned lumpen. In the course of the struggle. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully adjust the distance.

3. Air gun

On the Internet, it is often seen as a self-defense. However, these dreams of sofa warriors. Do not recommend the use of such things. They can take away, especially if there are several opponents, and stick them in … In short, we do not recommend.

4. Gas gun

It all depends on the model and manufacturer. Sometimes come across decent specimens. But gas weapons require permission, and this is troublesome. In addition, it’s time to use it. Gas gun is designed for the eyes and mucous membranes. If the enemy closes his hand, the shot will not stop him.

5. Traumatic pistol

Permission to get even harder than gas weapons. When self-defense, you can only shoot in certain parts of the body, which is sometimes ineffective. There is a pattern that can be used. It is recommended that you use the rules. This is a training procedure. If you’re on the street, you can’t get away with it.

6. Yawara

This tool is not really a tool. Yawara, or “Palm stick” came to us from Japan. Yawara is actually a stick, sharpened at the ends. Sometimes a strap is on the arm. At first glance – it is a primitive thing, but it has been established. Of course, it will be minimal and completely legal.

7. Knife

But the knife is a very controversial means for self-defense. In general, we recommend you not to accept carrying knives, especially large ones, for self-defense. Using a knife. If you are trying to use it.

Police officers will definitely not be delighted with self-defense with a knife. If you use a spray gun, it can be explained. But the society treats people with knives not benevolently. Thus, from a defender, you can become a lawyer.

You can still use it. For example: nails, screwdrivers, forks, steel balls from large bearings, and more. If you want to read this topic in more depth, you can read A. Taras’s book. What are the aspects of self-defense?

Psychology of self-defense: how to protect yourself on the street, without entering into a fight

Remember that the fight was not there. It is a fact. It is the highest point of professionalism. Physical conflict:

  • If you’re trying to get around it, you’ll not be able to get around.
  • Lumpen rarely pester people who look confident. Pick the right clothes for you. With a good selection of clothes. Even from the last hlyupika you can make a serious guy.
  • If you entered into a dialogue, try to speak clearly and confidently. There is a confused speech and a voice voice.
  • You are weak. You can’t look for your eyes. It is a fact that a match between the eyes of the eyes ”, by contrast, provoked a fight.
  • When hiking late, never listen to yourself with imperceptibly.
  • Always evaluate events happening around you. Their outcome. It is your choice.
  • Once again, do not respond to provocations. If you can’t be silent, you can’t keep up.
  • When traveling down the street, look straight ahead. Of course, you can be done with lateral vision. If you don’t need to go ahead, stick to it.
  • If you want to use them! At first glance, the advice is banal. But in fact, it was lying at home on the shelf. Or he couldn’t forget about the application. It’s a traumatic gun that has already been bought. It doesn’t matter of how to self-defense. Therefore, it is important that you can use it. Do some training. At the moment of the moment.

The psychology of self-defense. If you behave unreasonably. Just be careful and assess the situation around you. Sometimes it’s better to be a cripple or a corpse.

Good luck and take care of yourself!

Self defense

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