Special pistol “Tulyak”

A special single-shot 23 mm pistol “Tulyak” was created on the basis of the OF-93 farm rifle and is designed to use various 23 mm cartridges that are suitable for a multifunctional police weapon – KS-23 (special carbine 23 mm). Initially, the PF-93 weapon was released in 1993. It was positioned as the cheapest possible gun for self-defense of farmers and their farms, at that time the creation of such weapons in Russia was a very fashionable idea. However, in the end, weapons were produced only in “microscopic” batches.

PF-93 can be called an extremely simplified model of small arms in the spirit of Liberty pistols from the Second World War. Holy simplicity without any shadow of guile. The highlight of the design of PF-93 was the modularity of the weapon. In particular, the barrel for firing 12 caliber cartridges could be removed, and the gun was turned into a 4-caliber rocket launcher. By the way, in addition to the actual signal cartridges, at a certain point in time it was possible to find 4-gauge traumatic action ammunition with a rubber bullet, which were intended for the “policeman” KS-23 carbine and its civilian counterpart, which was named “Drake” did not go on sale. Now, such ammunition is no longer to be found, since their use has made the OF-93 virtually a short-barreled self-defense weapon, which is prohibited by Russian law.

It is curious that in the OF-93 the firing mechanism did not have a fuse as such. At the same time, the front part of the handle had a key for cocking the spring – without pressing this key, it was impossible to shoot a weapon. This solution resembles a similar design used in a German pistol. Heckler & Koch P7.

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