Special services: ABIN – Brazilian intelligence agency

Not so long ago, it wasn’t been up for athletes and athletes. It is quite strange, especially if you are looking at it.

The Winter Olympics didn’t have any incidents. Their special services have been played. So, in Brazil, they, it turns out, no? There are only tasks they solve are completely different. And until recently, the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin) dealt with very different things …


1926 The legally elected president of Washington, Louise Pereira de Soza, comes to power. Honest elections, all things. It is therefore not profitable. Therefore, in 1927 was founded National defense council (early type Abincould be useful to the current executive authority. But it did not help. In 1930, the military junta came to power. He didn’t need his help. still remained.

1946 Is created Federal Information and Counterintelligence Service (SFICI), with the ruling persons. And in 1959 it comes to change Information Coordination Council (JCI). That is, yes, the intelligence was not reorganized and reformed, which couldn’t affect its effectiveness.

In 1964, another military coup was carried out, and Castell Branco came to power. All forces are rushing to strengthen the system. Not spared it and the security services. They were merged and reorganized into National Intelligence Service (SNI). She became not only a political police, but also a policeman. That is, yes, there are at least 6 different intelligence services that are actively interfered with each other. Fortunately, military intelligence was mainly aimed at an external enemy. Now, a single coordination center has appeared, which has increased significantly.

Main task SNI The situation of the regime. This is a criterion for the South American region. What’s the most important goals for agents? SNI. It was an advantage to seek out. Operation Condor – targeted and organized destruction of the “potential danger to the state system”. According to the latest estimates – up to 60 thousand people across South America.

But in the 1990s, he dismissed the SNI first, and then the military intelligence. Their place has Strategic Issues Secretariat (SAE) – a civic organization, The signboard was changed. In 1995, there was a reorganization of the special services and the foundation. Abin It’s not a ruling political regime. But old habits

2008 Suddenly it turned out that Abin For virtually all decision makers. The scandal, increased control over the activities of intelligence. How effective? And the devil knows. Officially Abin democracy and democracy. But damn, this is South America. Corruption, nepotism, organized crime, and not even a dream of. So that Abin he is still looking for “quoter and neater.

Structure and objectives

To date, the main tasks Abin such are:

  • Implementation of the State Defense Council
  • The republic of the republic of
  • Constitutional order
  • Analysis of risks
  • Development, personnel training, conducting research

Somewhat blurry characteristics, right? It is possible to adjust the rules of the underworld. In short Abin Whats the problem?

Each state representation Abin (26 pieces), which is supervised from the main center, located in the city of Brasilia.

In addition, there are about 10 organizations in the country. Is it possible? Can. “Follow the people” and “identify the security situation” – the simpler Abin work.

Nevertheless, there are some shifts towards reducing military power and democratizing society. He added that he wasn’t going to be able to move. After all, ISIS is a threat to the constitutional order, which means Abin she must resist. And so there was no terrorist attack on the Olympics. This is a minority of crimes.

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