Special services. History of the CIA

This is the truth, which is beyond doubt. It is difficult to resist the peace of mind. You need to know. You can talk about the CIA. But how do these allegations help in practice? And nothing.

Yes, specialists from CIA periodically fake. Yes, they are trying to support the United States. Yes, they are extremely dirty. But it was so long before the official foundation of this organization. And we will tell you about it today.


Therefore, in 1947, Central Intelligence Agency. The basis for the latter was used Strategic Services Division, World War II. So all their techniques and manner of action CIA took over from Oss. It is important to understand the rules of war. It’s not a concept of “peace”.

Creation of CSS

In the US, intelligence has always been the country. But, it was the state of affairs. That is, there were a lot of people who worked on it. Accidentally eliminating foreign agents, misinformation and simply distribution of labor. Seriously, there are 3 separate cryptographic units that DON’T EXCHANGE with each other information. World War II clearly demonstrated

And one William Stephenson, A group of people who have been shouting to reorganize and improve. ”And in 1942, he was a joint coordinating body with the US military. Strategic Services Division (Signals Intelligence Service). This was a lawyer from New York. William Donovan, He was not a hearsay.

Work was coming hard. It is not a law. They have hardly distinguished and adopted meetings. And then – act as you wish. Effectively? Not. So on, UNI, Stephenson, to participate in training. And British intelligence, as you understand, is British intelligence. It was a great deal. Any damn way.

An indicative point Oss held at William Farbourne, The price of “dirty fighting techniques.” Hidden knives? Fine. Crippling blows? Easy. The fastest way to destroy the enemy? Without fail. How did the fighters feel? At first – disgust. It was a time when it was a war. Actually, this doctrine lives and flourishes to this day.


In total Oss 8 divisions were formed:

  • Analysis and research – future plans. Including the cryptographic department.
  • It is the creation of the weapons and the combat forces.
  • X-2 – counterintelligence
  • Maritime Department –
  • Moral of the operation is here,
  • Covert Intelligence Division – Recruiting Agents from the Local Population and Collecting Information
  • Special Operations Division – sabotage and training of local partisans
  • Task teams – specifically conducting operations

Actually, it was possible. Something turned out better, something worse. Just like people. But with what, and with propaganda, Oss There were never any problems.

Working methods

The most indicative was the activity Oss in Sicily, which were those of the Mussolini. Yes, local resistance received weapons, information and instructors. Yes, it was necessary. At the same time among the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, the Wie Lange Noch? (“How long?”) The hostilities on their part. And it’s not a bad day.

In addition, the OSS was greatly supported by the local population. New York, Lucky Lucciano, Cosa nostra This is not a joke. So, this helpful comrade helped recruit Oss. In exchange for release from prison and forgiveness of “certain transgressions.”

Further history

In 1945 Oss disbanded In 1946, the newly established Central Intelligence Group CIA), it has been resigned and has been resigned, it can be seen occasionally.

And despite the fact of times CIA changed slightly. It can be used for its own purposes (noble or not), Due to all this CIA he can’t be underestimated.

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