Special services: Special Forces KPA. The best warriors of the “Great Leader”

Frankly, the devil knows what is really happening in North Korea. There has been an outlook for South Korea’s closest neighbor. It’s not a matter of view.

Nevertheless, there are situations where these parties agree – special forces KPA. In the DPRK itself, they are called “the best warriors of the Great Leader” and regularly publish training reports. If you’re in South Korea, even if you’re there? Talk to you spetsnaz kpa except that any shahid can compare. But first things first.


A dictatorship must always have an enemy. And the North Korean authorities have been lucky with this. It turned out that it would be a matter of fact. And, characteristically, In 1946, the Great Leader, which was only miraculously prevented. This and the following Korean War 1950 – 1953 showed that he is dangerous and he is dangerous to resist. And something must be done to direct military confrontation.

It is officially considered that North Korean special forces appeared on the basis of special part parts Korean People’s Army, The line between the two new states. He was a soldier.

The essence of the method is simple special forces KPA there is simply no such thing as “training”. Everything is always for real. If sparring – then full contact. If you’re working out the technique with cold weapons – then only with the present. If you improve the skills of shooting and throwing knives – then every day at least half an hour. If it is a climate of low temperature, it will be a good deal. Of course, few survived. True, the official statistics of death in training camps KPA not available to the world community. And also ideological training … Any fighter special forces KPA The Party and the Motherland. And if they are going to take him a prisoner – to commit suicide. And this, damn it, not just words, but real facts!

Loud start

ABOUT special forces KPA It was an arrogance and effectiveness. There were no provisions for elimination of civilian rights. The fighters were dressed up in the South Korean army. Frankly, I don’t know what they were counting on. Probably the one of the “Great Leader” will be the enemy soldiers. However, the order was given.

January 21, the operation began. KPA fighters In South Korea, he tried to get as close as possible to government buildings. When they came to the meeting, the police opened fires. Started a shootout. According to the results: 5 people killed, 1 captured, but he was able to commit suicide before interrogation. Immediately, there wasn’t a large-scale inspections of South Korea were 4 times more. After that, the authorities decided to strengthen the demarcation line to reach the territory of South Korea.

Subsequent operations

Next steps special forces KPA were not so effective. In the same year 68, it was a detachment of the oppressors. And they are stoned by everyone. A brilliant start, so that there. And if you’re not able to lose, you couldn’t have such a way. They had sent the army. The result – for 2 months, 113 special forces were eliminated, and another 7 were taken prisoner. Many committed suicide, just to surrender to the “damned imperialists.”

DPRK intelligence. Wherein special forces KPA is constantly tested.

Currently tasks special forces KPA not changed. It can be verified that it has been the case. It’s almost 120 thousand people, according to the DPRK itself. South Korean intelligence figures a little less – from 80 to 90 thousand. But this dohrena.

It would be oh how hard it is. If it’s not, it’s not a problem.

Global community

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