Special services: Stasi (MGB GDR). How to create a police state

Bad information does not exist.

What is the main task? In opposition to other states of state. And how to do this most effectively? But this question has no definite answer. Someone focuses on technology and equipment, someone – on high-class specialists. It can be a state of peace of mind. This principle was guided by Ministry of State Security of the GDR, or, as he was called by the people, Stasi.


GDR, by analogy with KGB. He was assigned a task of providing intelligence, counterintelligence and security. And all these tasks were extremely successfully implemented.

It was created on the basis of organized back in 1947.Commissariat-five? – A special security police station, which was later transformed into a state security service (Staatssicherheitsdienst). Head of the newly formed Stasi was appointed Wilhelm zeisser, It was forced to transfer control. Ernest wollweber. And that already in 1957 changed Erich milke.

He was a KGB, who was actively training recruits. Main force MGB GDR were, oddly to counterintelligence. Showed the statistics. Therefore, very soon Stasi already had detailed dossiers on citizen of the GDR. Needless to say?


Stasi largely repeated structure KGB. Regional levels. Initially there were 5 main “chapters”. The first (Management A) engaged in intelligence, the third situation, the fifth — the interaction with the apparatus, culture, religion and ideology. Propaganda, in short. Subsequently, the departments became 20, which has expanded significantly. It was considered for the example of residence abroad. And many of the “unreliable” stupidly wrapped back.

As already stated Stasi GDR. This is a collection of information in the field. Where the information was stored.

Also Stasi there was a military armed regiment of Dzerzhinsky. In total, at the time of 1989, in MGB GDR there were more than 90 thousand official officials, and another 200 thousand cooperated informally with the ministry.

It is located in the Lichtenberg district of East Berlin.


In addition to the most effective counterintelligence, Stasi Federal Government of Germany. If you list the most famous cases, then:

1963 Successful introduction to NATO headquarters. Instantly reached MGB GDR. – Topaz agent – Rainer rupp, who worked for exploration from 1968 to 1990.

1974 It turns out (with the help of a defector from Stasi) that working in the office of the German Chancellor since 1970 Gunter guillaume is an agent MGB GDR and merges the most valuable information. He also contributed to the chancellor Willy Brandt, as a result of which he was forced to resign.

1985 Missing the counterintelligence chief of Germany Hans Joachim Tidge. And then he appears on the GDR, where he reports that he has begun a new life. And he writes on the county of the Federal Republic of Germany, the most valuable information.

1987 Bundestag deputy dies William bromm. He worked out for more than 14 years on Stasi.

1989 Arrested Klaus kuron, chargeback of the Federal Republic of Germany, he worked with the GDR. As it turned out, he had been working for a long time. Stasi and handed over classified agents.

1991 Yes, Stasi not anymore, but are still under way. Became a defendant Gabriella Guts, for the chancellor Helmut kohl. As it turned out, she worked for a long time with Stasi The German chancellor is for ideological reasons.

As you can see, agents Stasi penetrated almost all the power structures of the GDR. And not only penetrated, but also transferred information, which can freely use.

The final

But in 1989, by angry citizens. Trying to eliminate data on informants. Honestly, commendable care, “many informants (honest ideological citizens) could not seriously suffer. He didn’t work.

Since 1991, according to “Stasi documentation act“Anyone could get from”Gauk commission»(Organizations where the archives were transferred) detailed information from the remaining archives. It is difficult to determine who “knocked” exactly. Many waited for a very unpleasant discovery.

However, Stasi was one of the most efficient intelligence services in the world. What are you talking about? And, apparently, one former KGB officer wants to introduce some methods deeper MGB GDR I have this feeling when I watch the news.

Special services: Stasi (MGB GDR). How to create a police state

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