Special services: Taunton makuti

What is the main task? Protect the interests of the state. But when these interests are replaced, a real nightmare begins. If you’re simply trying to get rid of it, But you can’t be brutally suppressed.

Familiar picture, right? Well, yes, yes, yes, it worked for many countries, ranging from the Soviet Union to Haiti. Speaking of Haiti. What happens if we take a nigger ambitious dictator, add a pinch of paranoia, generously dilute the national religious traditions and “voodoo”, mix all this against a background of poverty and social inequality and leave to cook in hot pot Caribbean? The result is a unique phenomenon calledTaunton macoutes“. We will tell you today.

1957 Francois Duvalier comes to power in Haiti. It was a racism, authoritarianism, populism, anti-communism. It is a fact that it becomes clear. But he didn’t go smoothly, because the military coup. Unfortunately, she couldn’t have been a warrior. Therefore, he is commanded his trustee (Clement barbeau) to form special unit, Where did the ideological volunteers find out? Officially, it was not the memorable. tonton makuti.

Barbo zealously form the backbone of the organization tonton makut. Black (internationally) youth, lumpens, radical racists and other nice people walked into it. The religion is closely intertwined. Actually, Duvalier was created. Even the name “tonton makutIt’s true that they’re just going.

In 1959, Duvalier suffers Clement barbeau. It was not a good idea. I really liked being in power. It was created. And not only he. Main task tonton makut There are duvalier’s power over the country. And people began to pick up at night. Without trial. Strong silent guys tonton makut They were suspicious of disloyalty. Or to whom the neighbors reported. Or who had the money. Or who just was not lucky today …

It has been established. Taunton macoutes they didn’t just commit atrocities. Aims, Amino Retreat, Amino Retreat. And, of course, the law of the population. In short, the local population was intimidated. Thousands of people were forced to flee the country even where. Other thousands were less than terror. According to preliminary data, from 30 to 60 thousand people were brutally tortured and destroyed.

Concerning tonton makut as an organization, then there were about 20 thousand people. There were no strict hierarchy. The principle of gang formation, however. Criminal money flowed like a river. For all levels.

In 1971, Duvalier died, and passed on his son, Jean-claude, who decided to soften a little daddy’s methods. Taunton macoutes received central command and slightly slowed down. Plus was founded Leopard corps, to which police functions were partially passed. There was at least some semblance of army discipline and training. Plus, the pressure on the mulattoes, tonton makut, which, of course, did not like the radicals. An internal split occurred that was brutally suppressed. The same forces and ways as usual.

But in 1986, the riots broke out on the country, which was actively sponsored by the United States. Against trained fighters tonton makuti Duvalier regime was overthrown and power passed to Louis-Zhadel Chamblain. And what would you think? Many tonton makuti successfully entered the service in the new police. And they are actively pursuing their activities. It was a rule of thumb for the people.

Moreover, many of these units are involved in haiti. This is a legal “ultra-right” opposition.

What can I say. Good to live in Haiti. For forty years, for local purposes, and then war death? Genocide? Mass killings? Of course. Payback for all this? No, have not heard. And, characteristically, this country is dominated by the representatives of the Negroid race. And now the question. Do you still consider a good thing?

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