Specific rifle ammunition for various tasks

Policemen prefer light semi-automatic carbines as an additional patrol weapon.

However, with all the popularity and practicality rifled carbine, It shouldn’t be lost. Of course, we mean shotgun.

Although shotgun after all smooth-bore gun – this is the king of universality, if we talk about the diversity of ammunition.

Shotgun cannons, especially with a variety of ammunition.Shotgun cannons, especially with a variety of ammunition.

However, you can take advantage of this advantage, especially for home defense and fighting wild animals.

Let’s look at some of the available types of ammunition for shotguns.


It is the most important development for the gun, because it can surrender.

Ammo with flashsets were developed by the company Sabot Designs LLC (Medford, Oregon) and the civilian population.

For the civilian market, they are proven pigs. For the police, they are well suited. For military fleshetta have proven themselves when shooting through the bush.

Some rifle cartridges have good accuracy.Some rifle cartridges have good accuracy.

The recoil of ammunition is very small. This can be a shot from a gun. Due to poor recoil, it’s not necessary to reloading on most semi-automatic shotguns, and are mainly used on “pump” guns.

With an initial speed of 585 m / s, this ammunition is 45 meters, with a maximum efficiency of 75 meters. Slaughter effect is maintained at a rate of 300 meters.

Greater accuracy, compared with the 8.5mm grape bag (amer. No. 00), makes flash ammo most suitable for farmers and hunters. Farmers often use wild animals to fight wild animals, or to coyote chasing their chickens. Great accuracy in these cases. Hunters are also important accuracy of ammunition.

This ammunition consists of nineteen 8-faced steel darts, 28.6mm long, placed in a polymer container. Accuracy of 50–70%.This ammunition consists of nineteen 8-faced steel darts, 28.6mm long, placed in a polymer container. Accuracy of 50–70%.

It’s important that it’s been since the days of the Vietnam War. Of course, they are expensive – about $ 2.50 per cartridge, but they are worth it. Cartridges with flashsets Gentle smoothes out a traditional distinction between a shotgun and a carbine. This is a serious tactical innovation.

Principle of action

Fleshetta work a little differently than rifle bullets. It depends on the speed.

When it strikes the living tissues, it often collapsing, thereby creating additional wound channels. Unlike bullets that can pass through, flashsets transmit all their energy to the goal.

Darts are made from specially developed hardened steel. If you have a diameter of 1.8 mm, it is often obtained with a diameter of up to 15 mm.

Low impulse canister

Often shotgun criticized for the fact that it is unpleasant to shoot.

Rifle riflesRifle rifles

If you are a magnet cartridges pump gun, The whole “charm” of bestowal. Do you need to take care of it?
If you’re not in a good mood, you’ll not be able to get away from the sore shoulder.

Ammo Federal Low Recoil 00 Buckshot They are a compromise between shooting and comfort when shooting. The ammunition is equipped with nine mm cartridges (amer. Number 00) and 5.3 grams of black powder. Shooting 100 rounds, I didn’t feel any discomfort.


Shotgun – The most powerful type of ammunition.

Brenneke's bullet overshadows other ammunition in terms of stopping power.Brenneke’s bullet overshadows other ammunition in terms of stopping power.

Ammunition for a shotgun Brenneke Classic Magnum. It was 28.6mm long and there was no need for it.

When firing at a car, it destroys engines and gearboxes faster than anything else. It is unusually heap: at 50 meters – a group of up to 7 cm, up to 10 cm – at 75 meters, and 12 cm – at 100 meters. This is better than some rifles.

The classic Brenneke bullet pierces 90 cm ballistic gelatin bar, which is impressive.

Combined cartridges

A huge amount of ammunition for firearms.

For example, the company Firequest (Eldorado, Arkansas), there is a cartridge Pit bull, containing a bullet and six 8.5 mm carts. Patron from the company Triple doom contains a bullet, as well as a fraction of number 8 and number 4.

Armor-piercing ammunition

At the company Firequest There are some more noteworthy ammunition.

Firequest Company produces armor piercing cartridges for shotgunsFirequest Company produces armor piercing cartridges for shotguns

For example – armor-piercing cartridge 12 gauge caliber

It has been noted that there has been a refuge for the car.

If you really want to try the car, try one of the armor-piercing cartridges and make it up to 3000 degrees. A shot of such a cartridge not only breaks the engine block, it ignites it!

Fire safety during training and application.


Bean grains, rubber balls, rock salt, rock salt – all this can be fired from a gun. Non-lethal ammunition is effective in riots and pest control.

Author (Jim Dixon) tested a wide variety of specific ammunition.Author (Jim Dixon) tested a wide variety of specific ammunition.

Cartridge Iron fist from the same Firequest contain a 26-gram bag with bean grains, designed only for guns with a cylinder. Such “ammunition” is very effective against aggressive demonstrators and insurgents.

This is a way to get away from your property. Bears can become very dangerous and lose their fear of man. If you don’t want to kill it. Rubber balls.

Finally, there is an old proven ammunition against garden thieves – cartridge with rock salt. I couldn’t still sit after meeting with him. In the modern world of incendiary bullets, cast-shot, steel grapeshot such cartridge with salt – but it is still cheap, simple and effective. Do not forget to wash with water

Special or purely civil, in any case, these ammunition empower your old reliable shotgun.

Let’s sum up

Choosing the right cartridge for your shotgun

  • PICTURE: melee, hunting
  • FLASHETT: melee, wild animals
  • BULLET: protection at medium range, hunting
  • UNAILED MUNITIONS: Riots scaring wild animals

By jim dixon
Translation – Yuri Ignatov


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